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Core i7 Laptop Price in Pakistan

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The Core i7 laptops are widely popular in Pakistan as being an affordable advanced piece of hardware capable of handling graphics displays, office applications and advanced gaming. Intel has been manufacturing and developing microprocessors since the 1980s. Pentium microprocessor was launched in 1993 as the first computer chip with increased processing speeds and ability to display graphics for games like Doom. Since then they have developed advanced technology that is integrated into a variety of laptop models.

The history of microprocessors is important to consider when buying a core i7 laptop. The transistor count on the silicon chip determines the performance by the computer systems, the higher the count the better. In 2006 Intel called this the Process-Architecture-Optimization Model. It is important to note that a Core i7 is built keeping in mind extensive processing and multitasking. In 2008 Intel introduced Nehalem as the second generation microarchitecture for the Core i7 processor. It was a technological breakthrough in delivering fast, reliable clock speeds and performed well under multitasking operations.

The third generation microarchitecture was called Sandy Bridge and the fourth generation was called Ivy Bridge both had an improved chip size from 32 to 22 nm improving high-intensity gameplay and video playback at 4K resolutions. Later on, a cooling mechanism was installed for overclocking that improved processing rates were introduced. By the fifth generation microarchitecture titled Broadwell, the chip size had been reduced to 14 nm introducing the Tri-Gate transistor an Intel 3D design ensured PC's used 30% less power than before. 

Skylake was released in 2015 that had built-in support for both DDR4 and DDR3L memory chips. Replacing Skylake was Karby Lake released in 2016 that now had an improved Turbo rate of 3.6 GHz and 4K video performance. Kaby Lake Refreshed was launched in 2018. The next anticipated generation in microprocessors is called Coffee Lake, it has an Intel Core i7 9700K chip paired with eight cores, 16 threads, and a wildly high maximum of 5GHz clock speed on Turbo Boost. 

Laptops need to be able to withstand heavy usage, overheating and require large caches to handle memory storage processing. These are important features of the core i7 as it is built to handle extensive use without slowing down. Core i7 can be highly customized and refurbished in Pakistan according to users own preferences and budget. It is readily available online under manufacturing companies like Lenovo, Dell, HP and even Apple Mac Books.