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The Lowest price of Core I5 Pc in Pakistan is Rs.58,999 and estimated average price is Rs.161,138.


PC's available with Core i5 can be highly customized and refurbished in Pakistan according to users own preferences and budget. A Core i5 PC will have larger cache memory, Multi-Threading, and improved overclocking performance as it has Turbo Boost features ideal for intensive gameplay.

Pros & Cons


  • Better power consumption as compared to i3


  • When upgrading from i3 choosing an i7 over an i5 is better because of the slight difference in price and processing speeds

  • No HyperThreading

  • Requires New Motherboards


The transistor count on the silicon chip determines the performance of the computer systems, the higher the count the better. In 2006 Intel called this the Process-Architecture-Optimization Model. It is important to note that a Core i5 was built for daily task management, businesses but is not suited for creative processing and multi-media functions. It is capable of running administrative programs such as Microsoft Suite smoothly and reliably through heavy processing to create and maintain documents. Intensive rendering such as video editing and gaming will need extra boosting power of advanced GPUs to work well. 

Updates & Improvements

Core i5 in a PC was a technological breakthrough in delivering fast, reliable clock speeds and performed well under multitasking operations. The Core i5 PC's are widely popular in Pakistan as they are affordable and reliable pieces of hardware capable of handling office applications and gaming on medium settings.

Businesses and offices are seen purchasing the third generation microarchitecture called Sandy Bridge as well as the fourth generation called Ivy Bridge as they both had an improved chip size from 32 to 22 nm. The improved chipset created better display resolutions as the Core i5 could now handle higher integrated GPUs. These integrated GPUs have high-intensity gameplay and video playback capabilities of 4K. This is a popular iteration as even with the advanced GPU it is still at an affordable price point in Pakistan.

The Core i5 can be adapted to suit each need as the motherboard has space to keeping adding better processors. It offers versatility and successful processing speeds when paired with 8GB RAM and is compatible with Windows 10. The anticipated generation in microprocessors is called Coffee Lake, it has an Intel Core i7 9700K chip paired with eight cores, 16 threads, and a wildly high maximum of 5GHz clock speed on Turbo Boost.

Price List

Model Price
Asus ET2301INTH–B039K Core i5 All in One PC FULL… Rs. 169,999
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Core i5 8th Gen 8GB 256GB… Rs. 160,000
Lenovo Legion Y530 15" Traditional Laptop - Intel… Rs. 234,199
Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 Core i5 7th Gen 256GB … Rs. 135,999
Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 Core i5 7th Gen 128GB … Rs. 94,999
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Core i5 8th Gen 8GB 256GB… Rs. 160,000
Apple Mac MGEQ2 i5 2.8GHz Dual Core 4th Gen 8GB 1… Rs. 115,999
Viper 32" Core i5 9th Gen 8GB 1TB All-In-One PC Rs. 241,000
Dell OptiPlex 7040 Core i5 6th Generation Mini To… Rs. 58,999
HP Elite Slice Core i5 6th Gen 256GB 8GB RAM Ultr… Rs. 109,999
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