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The Lowest price of Confectionery in Pakistan is Rs.130 and estimated average price is Rs.130.


Confectionery is the art of making a sweet snack or dessert, sometimes made into an advanced art. These are baked products that are made primarily with sugar and are rich in carbohydrates. Long before sugar was accessible in the ancient world, confectionery was based on the sweetness of honey. In Ancient Egypt, India, China, Rome and Greece, flowers and fruits were preserved by coating them with honey. Honey was also used to create sweetmeats and other confections. Check out prices of various confectioneries in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Confectionery Items

Some are made of chocolate, flour or made by a baker. Baker’s confectionery items include cakes, pastries and cookies. Gum, candy, chocolates and candied nuts are also included in baker's confectionery. These sweet treats are baked in an oven. Other products include scones, petits fours, cookies, doughnuts, dragée, fudge, halvah, hard candy, Ice cream, marshmallow, marzipan, mithai, pastillage, toffee etc.

Confectionery Health Concerns

Most confections are very high in carbohydrates and contain many unhealthy ingredients, Obesity, diabetes, fatty liver, dental problems and other such ailments are generally linked to such sugar-rich confectionary items. Introducing these items early on in your child's diet may prove to be extremely harmful as it can lead to childhood obesity, high cholesterol and heart problems.

Price List

Model Price
The House Of Confectionery Forno Biskito Chocolat… Rs. 130
The House Of Confectionery Forno Chocolate Wafees… Rs. 130
The House Of Confectionery Forno Wafees Orange Wa… Rs. 130
The House Of Confectionery Forno Strawbarry Wafee… Rs. 130
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