Commode Seat Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Commode Seat in Pakistan is Rs.850 and estimated average price is Rs.2,047.


The toilet is assembled but putting together the main bowl, water tank and a commode seat that goes on top of the bowl is also called a toilet seat. Each component can be replaced if broken or faulty making it easy to repair or construct your own flush system.


The commode seat used to be a simple two-piece cover joined together with hinges to one side. The first layer is a complete lid used to cover the entire hole and the second inner lid has a hole that acts as the commode seat used while using the toilet. Modern designs include features such as Slow Close that make it noise proof, removable hinges making it easy to clean and stronger hinges to ensure it does not become wobbly, imbalanced or loose. The wood plastic used is non-toxic and hypoallergenic covered with an enamelled coating that makes it looks stylish.

Advanced Commode Seat

These expensive models have inbuilt special features such as heating and cooling of the seat fully adjustable to ensure maximum comfort. The No Slam Hinge is to make the entire experience luxurious and relaxing. There are commode seats that have a no-slip guard, handles for support for elderly care that ensure maximum safety and health.

Child Seat

Also called a Toilet Training Seat is a fully removable device designed to help babies transition from diapers to using the toilet for relieving themselves. The anti-microbial additive built into the wood plastic ensures the seat remains cleaner than regular toilet seats. There are handles on the sides for support and a built-in splash guard that helps maintain a sanitised environment for the child. There are a variety of designs from ages 3 months up to 18 months plus to 3 years old.

Price List

Model Price
Comode / Toilet Seat Cover Rs. 850
Master 2016 Plstic Commode Seat cover Rs. 1,522
Master 2018 Plstic Commode Seat cover Rs. 2,968
Commode Chair Fold Able With Plastic Seat & Back Rs. 2,850
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