Collagen Supplements Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Collagen Supplements in Pakistan is Rs.1,241 and estimated average price is Rs.4,048.


Collagen supplements have become increasingly popular over the last decade as a regenerative compound that can improve bone density and reduce pain experienced by joints and muscles. Choose between marine collagen that is extracted from fish scales and skin and bovine collagen which is processed cowhide.


There are three kinds of collagen used to create supplement products such as tablets and powder that includes glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These are sourced through hides, bones and fish scales. The mainstream collagen supplement powder is "hydrolyzed" type-I collagen that is entirely dissolvable making it easy to consume regularly in liquid form. It can be added to your usual glass of milk, water, coffee, tea or juice. The flexibility to consume collagen hot and cold in various flavours helps one be regular.

The flavours available are delicious that include chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. There are many more flavours available in the market according to your personal preferences. Incorporate collagen supplements into your everyday diet and gain the maximum benefits of its regenerative abilities in a short amount of time.


According to research and studies, collagen supplements can reduce symptoms of arthritis, help with improving muscle mass and provide the stimulus to regenerate the cartilage in the joints. The amino acids present inside collagen improve muscles, bones, skin, hair, connective tissue which is decreased with age. Collagen is a structural protein that is designed to keep the body energetic, strong enough to endure physical labour, self-healing and youthful.

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Model Price
Collagen Powder Rs. 1,241
NeoCell Marine Collagen - 120 Capsules Rs. 4,500
HomeShopper Super Collagen Powder - NeoCell Rs. 5,950
Beauty Collagen Shot Rs. 6,599
Neocell Collagen Beauty Builder - 150 Tablets Rs. 4,300
Versus Marine Collagen Caplets Rs. 2,200
Marine Collagen Caplets 90's Rs. 2,200
Versus Marine Collagen Caplets Rs. 2,200
ONC Skin Tech Fish Collagen 30 Softgels Rs. 2,450
Beauty Collagen Stick Packs Rs. 6,399
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