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A high-end watchmaking brand that also dabbles in jewellery and sunglasses. Chopard's sunglasses have quite a bit of variety in style, allowing more people to find something they like. The price of Chopard sunglasses is high.


Chopard the brand

One of the classic Swiss watchmaking brands, Chopard was started in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in Sonvilier. In later years it was bought by the Scheufele family of Germany.

The brand is known for making watches, jewellery and accessories. The accessories include sunglasses.

Chopard Sunglasses

This segment of their products is made under licence by De Rigo. The range is as stylish as one would find at a high fashion brand. The materials are also top quality, with metal being used as well as high-grade plastics. Some specific sunglasses are made from a mix of both.

The women's segment has many options with the classic feel, large shades that cover a lot of the face. There are circular ones, as well as some which have a bit of the cat's eye feel to them. Other shapes are influenced by the Ray-Ban or Police style.

For men, the range is diverse as well. There are the classics for them too, with shapes inspired by the Police variety (a brand that is owned by De Rigo actually). The collection also has the sports car inspired range, some of which have the side shade by the hinge for extra reduction of light.

The lens colours vary and one can find similar styles with different tints if they would prefer something lighter or darker.


The Chopard sunglasses range is a line of premium products that are expensive, as are all their other products. Some specific models feature among the most expensive sunglasses on earth.

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