Choker Necklace Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Choker Necklace in Pakistan is Rs.96 and estimated average price is Rs.1,330.


Women want variety in their style and fashion when it comes to statement jewellery pieces as that completes their outfit and adds extra layer of personality. The choker necklace has been coming back into fashion over the years because it is the ultimate statement piece to have in your jewellery collection. The length is super short close to the neck or placed on the collar bones with one to five inches.


Fancy Gold Choker Necklace 

These designs usually have semi-precious stones, crystals and beads worked into the necklace that is ideal for wearing to weddings and other festive occasions. Brides often want a heavy set of jewellery to wear with their main dress at the reception. Gold is often their first choice and choosing a choker necklace will bring down the price significantly as it takes less time to craft. These traditional choker necklaces are popular in Pakistan paired with red gems and styled into a mesh of gold that looks sophisticated and elegant. 

Casual Gold Choker Necklace

The choker necklace can be delicate with multiple chains that feel light and intricately made by hand. These are embellishment with beads or a pendant depending on how many layers are used to create the necklace. The solid bars and flat band design used to create heavier gold pieces are bold and instantly transform any look from casual to trendy. 

Cloth Choker Necklace

These soft and comfortable bands are stretchy choker necklaces worn by younger teenagers who want affordable and fashionable jewellery. They are often sold in a pack and come in a variety of colours making it easy to match with lots of clothes. The simple wide ribbon design with a droplet pendant or an antique pendant is a great way to create unique jewellery, add personality to your wardrobe. 

Price List

Model Price
Black Choker Necklace For Women - Tm-cn-001 Rs. 96
Punk Miami Cuban Choker Necklace Rs. 799
Chocker Necklace With chain. Rs. 699
Bar Chain Choker Necklace. Rs. 699
Gold Hip-hop thick Chain Choker Necklace. Rs. 599
Bronze Metal Butterfly Wings Choker Necklace Rs. 1,295
Indigo by Tassels Stylish Necklace Pearly Affair - Women St… Rs. 2,422
Indigo by Tassels Stylish Necklace Afghan Peacock Necklace … Rs. 1,572
Lapis Lazuli 5 Sky blue colour Beads With Coral Chip Choke… Rs. 749
Indigo by Tassels Stylish Necklace Ezra Choker - Women Styl… Rs. 1,572
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