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The Lowest price of Chilli Sauce in Pakistan is Rs.35 and estimated average price is Rs.243.


A sauce based on chillies is known as a chilli sauce. There are many different brands that produce chilli sauce, with a varied mix of ingredients giving each its own special kind of spicy flavour. The price of a chilli sauce can range from nominal to expensive depending on the brand.


Chilli sauce

A generic term that applies to any sauce that is made from chillies and is spicy. This term applies to sauces such as tabasco sauceperi peri sauce or sriracha sauce. Tabasco is also one of the oldest brands recognizable today; it was started in 1868.

Various chilli sauces are made from different kinds of chillies which is why they have slight differences in how the heat tastes. For instance, peri peri sauce is made from the malagueta pepper while siracha is made from red jalapenos. This along with the fact that each chilli sauce has its own mix of ingredients is what makes them different. Some are sweet and tangy while others can border on bitter as well.

One can also find the Scoville rating of a chilli sauce, this lets them know how hot it actually is. Between the different kinds of chilli sauces, their viscosity is also varied.


Chilli sauce can essentially be added to any food one is having, giving it an extra kick. Some people cannot have food without adding some. Certain cuisines have more chillies in comparison and make use of chilli sauces more than other cuisines. For instance Chinese and Mexican food could be considered to be a lot spicier than European food.

In case one has too much chilli sauce and needs to cool off, milk or yoghurt are helpful in mitigating the effects.

One can find a chilli sauce at many different prices, depending on the brand. Prices range from nominal to expensive.

Price List

Model Price
Shangrila Garlic Chilli Sauce 100 grns Sachet Rs. 35
Shangrila Garlic Chilli Sauce 450gm Rs. 295
Dipitt Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce 300gm Rs. 312
Hot Siriracha Chilli Sauce 350gm Rs. 256
Bake Parlor Chilli Sauce 300ml Rs. 105
Dipitt Chilli Garlic Sauce 450gm Rs. 154
Young's Mayo Red Chilli Sauce 500ml Rs. 329
National Squeezy Chilli Garlic Sauce 400gm Rs. 220
Mitchell's Chilli Garlic Sauce 500gm Rs. 137
Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce 370gm Rs. 256
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