Chicken Spread Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Chicken Spread in Pakistan is Rs.170 and estimated average price is Rs.405.


Chicken spread is a savoury ready-made blend of herbs, mayonnaise and shredded chicken that is used in a variety of snacks. While you may find plenty of homemade chicken spread recipes online, a store-bought spread is always more convenient and a quicker solution. Check out chicken spread prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


You can use chicken spread to make sandwiches or fill rolls and small buns. Kids love chicken spread sandwiches and most Pakistani moms pack these quick and easy to make sandwiches for their kid's lunch too. You can also use this spread on a variety of salads to spruce up the taste. 

Availability & Price 

Chicken spread prices in Pakistan vary depending on the brand and size of the container. The most popular brand that sells these delicious spreads is Young's. It sells spreads in pouches, glass jars and plastic containers and has multiple flavours to offer such as BBQ chicken spread.

A quick fix for midnight cravings or eating on the go, the spread can also be used on parathas, chapatti or naan to suit desi taste buds. The BBQ spread can be used as a dip for snacks or for layering into BBQ paratha rolls and chicken sandwiches. All ingredients used are halal certified. 


While most chicken spreads are healthy and a great source of protein, they are usually high in sodium and cholesterol that is bad for health. Eating in moderation is the key but avoid if you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned on this page. 

Price List

Model Price
Young's Chicken Spread Fajita 200ml Rs. 170
Young's Chicken Spread Fajita 200ml Rs. 349
youngs Chicken Spread BBQ 200ml Rs. 195
Young's Chicken Spread 300ml Rs. 340
Young's Chicken Spread 1 Litre Pouch Pack Rs. 905
Youngs Chicken Spread Rs. 370
Young's Chicken Bar-B-Que Spread 500ml Pouch Rs. 490
Youngs Chicken Spread Bar B Que 500 ml Rs. 360
Young's Chicken Spread 500 Ml Pouch Pack Rs. 499
Young's Chicken Spread 200ml Rs. 200
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