Cheddar Cheese Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Cheddar Cheese in Pakistan is Rs.250 and estimated average price is Rs.745.


A very commonly used cheese, most known as the cheese used in burgers. Cheddar cheese is available in a cube form or as slices for burgers. Many different brands produce cheddar which is why the flavour and colour vary. Generally, it is a mildly pungent cheese. Available at lower end rates, as well as at higher prices depending on the brand.


Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese is among the more commonly used cheeses. It is in close competition with mozzarella. Cheddar has a more pungent flavour with a sharpness to it. The texture is firm and is slightly crumbly. This may not apply to the cheddar cheese one buys in the form of slices, as that is a new age processed form of cheese. Cheddar is a pale yellow in colour, or possibly a kind of orange as well.

This is the cheese that is mostly used in burgers, it also makes for a great addition to an omelette along with mozzarella.

Variations over time

There is no fixed definition outside of the traditional cheddar, which is why there are a lot of variations available in the market in regard to taste, texture and colour. There is a specific type which is listed in the Protected Designation of Origin, this is labelled as West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, and would be considered as the authentic kind of cheddar cheese.

Nutritional information

Cheddar cheese is rich in protein, calcium and is a good source of vitamin K. It also contains cobalamin, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B6.

As with most cheese, cheddar also contains cholesterol which is why eating too much can be unhealthy.


Cheddar cheese originated from a place called Cheddar in south-west England. It has been in production on record since the 12th century and most probably existed in some form long before that.

Cheddar is a yummy cheese, bringing a lot of flavour to whatever it is added to. It is also used as part of cheese platters or as an hors d'oeuvre.

Cheddar cheese is available at many different prices depending on the specific brand in question. Cheese slices tend to be cheaper than a cheddar cheese block. The prices range from the lower end to more expensive options.

In Pakistan, the known brands include Adam's, Deen's, Kraft and President.

Price List

Model Price
Adam's Cheddar Cheese 200g Rs. 470
Pinar Cheddar Cheese Spread, 500g Rs. 1,325
Adam's Cheddar Cheese Singles 1 KG Rs. 1,435
Cottage Processed Cheddar Cheese Slices, 10 Pieces Rs. 480
Adam's Cheddar Cheese 907g Rs. 1,450
Kraft Processed Cheddar Cheese, 250g Rs. 1,450
Delizia Cheddar Slice Cheese, 1 KG Rs. 1,395
Adam's Cheddar Cheese Singles 200g Rs. 465
Nurpur Cheddar Cheese Slices, 10-Pack, 200g Rs. 490
Delizia Cheddar Cheese, Natural, 200g Rs. 430
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