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The Lowest price of Chanel No 5 in Pakistan is Rs.299 and estimated average price is Rs.30,341.


Chanel is a leader in the women's fashion market, with a great number of hit perfumes; of which No 5 is the best of their collection. A perfume released in the 1920s and is still considered to be a top choice. This is an expensive perfume to purchase, due to the highest quality of ingredients being used and also, the Chanel brand name.


Chanel the brand

Established in 1910 as a hat shop by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. This brand is by far one of the top choices for women. It is also among the first to introduce pants for women and has been known to push the boundaries since.

Aside from clothing, Chanel also produces fragrances, with Chanel No 5 being considered to be one of the best perfumes ever created. 

Chanel No. 5

No 5 came about soon after the fragrance line was started at Chanel, it was named due to it being tagged as sample No 5 and there was a collection launch on the fifth day of the fifth month. Coco thought this to be a good sign for the sample she liked and let the name stay.

Chanel No 5 was produced in collaboration with Ernest Beaux. A complex perfume as Coco requested it to smell more like a composition than a single floral note. The mix consists of an intricate concoction of aldehydes and floral notes from rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, lily of the valley and iris. To give it warmth there is a base layer that contains vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla, amber and patchouli.

Patchouli also gives it a very light hint of spiciness, which works very well overall; adding sultriness to it. No 5 has been a favourite of many icons, such as Marylin Monroe, Claudia Schiffer, Celine Deon, Eva Mendes and more.


The scent of Chanel No 5 is versatile and can be worn at any time of the day or night and during any season. Some people tend to not associate it with summer as much, but this is a matter of personal choice.

Chanel fragrances in general are expensive as the brand sources high-quality materials to create their range. No 5 is also an expensive perfume, with a high sillage and a lot of staying power.

Price List

Model Price
Chanel Chanel N°5 - Attar (roll On Perfume Oil) - ( Long La… Rs. 299
Chanel No.5 EDT – 50ml Rs. 20,000
Chanel N'5 EDP 100ml (Ladies) Rs. 42,019
Chanel No. 5 Women EDP – 100ml Rs. 34,000
Essentials High Heels Our Impression of Chanel 5 50ml Rs. 1,100
Chanel No. 5 Women EDP - 100ml Rs. 37,400
Chanel N'5 Eau de Toilette 100ml Rs. 24,158
Chanel No 5 Women's EDP 100ml Rs. 39,500
Chanel No.5 Edp For Women Spray 100ml Rs. 46,500
Chanel 5 Type Perfume Oil Attar - 12ml Rs. 549
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