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The Lowest price of Ceiling Lamps in Pakistan is Rs.835 and estimated average price is Rs.3,329.


Modern living suggests the use of right lighting as well as unique fixture designs. The ceiling is an integral part of lighting and illuminating a space as it helps in creating an ambient light. There is a plethora of options to choose from including vintage-inspired wood, crystal and porcelain chandeliers as well as modernistic LED-powered glass, steel or aluminium designs. Check out ceiling lamps prices in Pakistan and designs on this page and read on for more information. 


Ceiling lights and lamps have been around since the medieval period. The vintage candelabra has now shaped into modernistic chandeliers that hang from the ceiling and can have a multitude of bulbs and crystal ornaments. 

Ceiling Lamps for the Bedroom & Bathroom

For a small bedroom with a low ceiling of around 8 feet high, mounted flush ceiling lamps are an ideal option. Flush mount lights are also excellent for small bathrooms, closet, hallways, alleys and corridors. A ceiling over 8 to 10 feet will need semi-flush lights that hang from the ceiling, starting at 4 inches. Usually, small dining rooms and kitchens have semi flush ceiling lamps installed. Other options for low ceiling are pot or can lights that are installed inside the ceiling. 

Ceiling Lamps for Living Room

Small living rooms can look bigger if you install strips of indirect LED ceiling lamps. These create beautiful ambient lighting and some varieties can also change colours making it a great option for parties at home. This type of lighting would require crown molding around the ceiling for hiding the strips.

Ceiling Lamps for Dining Room

Large dining areas can be illuminated with multiple ceiling lamps alongside a large chandelier. Dining rooms can also use island lighting depending on the decor and size of the room. 

Ceiling Lamps for Kitchen 

Kitchen islands can use pendant lamps, track light fixtures or hanging ceiling lamps with two to three lights, depending on the size of the island. If you require a not so fancy option for the kitchen that provides bright light, then a utility light with LED bulbs for the ceiling is your best bet. 

Material & Colours

Glass is the most popular choice for ceiling lamps as glass can diffuse light really well and also enhances the beauty of a space. There are also fixtures available in cut glass or coloured glass designs akin to Turkish and Moroccan ceiling lamps. Other than glass or crystal you can also buy ceiling lamps in wood, metal, paper, stainless steel, canvas, fabric, wrought iron, brass, with or without shades. 

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Price List

Model Price
lamp base concise style modern Ceiling Plate Wooden ceiling… Rs. 835
【Special Offer】E27 Edison Vintage Metal Wire Cage Ceiling P… Rs. 3,403
【To Global】60W E27 304 LED Garage Work Light Foldable Works… Rs. 3,267
Concealed IR Motion Body Sensor Lamp Ceiling Automatic Ligh… Rs. 1,500
60W E27 304 LED Garage Work Light Foldable Workshop Lamp Ce… Rs. 3,233
E27 Modern Pendant Light Ceiling Lamp Chandelier Home Bedro… Rs. 3,512
E27 Modern Pendant Light Ceiling Lamp Fixture Chandelier Be… Rs. 2,405
Spiral Ceiling Lights Rgb Lights Fancy Light Ceiling Light … Rs. 4,500
15W LED Adjustable Ceiling lamp Spot Light Spotlight Downli… Rs. 5,400
Spiral Ceiling Lights Rgb Lights Fancy Light Ceiling Light … Rs. 3,500
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