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The Lowest price of Cat Food in Pakistan is Rs.798 and estimated average price is Rs.2,848.


Food designed specifically for cats with all the nutrition they would need, cat food is ideal for people who would not have the time to regularly prepare food for their cat. There are different kinds of cat food in the market and one can choose based on what they need for their cat. There are a lot of brands as well, not all brands would suit every cat so this might take a bit of trying to see what suits your pet. The prices of cat food is in the lower to mid-range.


Cat food

There are two main types of cat food, one is the dry kind and the other is wet. A lot of people treat wet cat food as special treats and generally use dry cat food to feed their pets. The packets mention how much to feed a cat each day, generally a serving twice a day is good for cats of all ages. For cats under one year of age, you may need to feed them thrice a day.

Dry food can cause an issue of constipation for some cats so one would need to be attentive till they are sure their pet has adjusted well. Due to the heat treatment during processing, the food may lose its nutritional value which is why more vitamins, amino acids and minerals are added to bring the values back up.

In case a cat has any specific health issues they may need food specific to their condition, which is something a pet owner should discuss with their vet. This would apply to things such as chronic kidney disease; giving the apt diet could increase the life of the pet.

Wet cat food comes in a jelly-like substance and generally has more meat compared to what goes into dry cat food.


Pet owners should keep an eye on the weight of their cat as well, the food should be adjusted accordingly.

The price of cat food is from the lower to mid ranges depending on the exact brand and type one chooses.

Price List

Model Price
Whiskas Temptation With Salmon Cat Food 60Gm Rs. 3,610
Friskies Indoor Chunky With Chicken & Turkey Cass… Rs. 5,415
Reflex Plus Adult Cat Food Hairball & Indoor with… Rs. 1,950
Indoor Health- Dry Cat Food- 6.4 KG Rs. 5,088
Pack Of 12 : Felix Cat Food Meat Selection In Jel… Rs. 2,690
Tuarna Alpha Cat Food Tuna & Shrimp, 1300g Rs. 1,570
Persian Adult Cat- 4 KG Rs. 5,035
Friskies Shreds With Beef in Gravy Wet Cat Food -… Rs. 5,415
Reflex Adult Cat Chicken 3KG Rs. 3,999
Friskies Shreds With Turkey & Cheese Dinner in Gr… Rs. 2,695
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