Casio Calculator Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Casio Calculator in Pakistan is Rs.235 and estimated average price is Rs.5,295.


Casio calculators are some of the best available. They have been leading the market for decades now. The brand has many different models, some are simple and some are able to perform more complex functions relating to algebra. The price of a Casio calculator is competitive.


A global brand

Casio is a worldwide giant among consumer electronics brands. The brand produces many items, this includes cameras, watches, musical instruments and calculators. Despite all the other items Casio is still best known for its watches.

Casio calculators

Among the other devices it makes, Casio's calculators are some of the best in the world. They have many designs and sizes available. Also, they have more complex calculators such as scientific calculators and graphic calculators. 

Scientific calculators will allow you to perform more complex functions beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They can manage logarithms, exponents, trig functions and more. On the other hand, a graphic calculator is similar but it allows the user to type in a function and shows the results as a graph. The screen of a graphic calculator has a higher resolution so it can display the results clearer.

Casio has a lot of calculators that are powered by solar and can last a decade without needing any maintenance.


Casio calculators used in smaller shops can also have a small printer that is fed by a paper roll and can print out a receipt for customers.

The price of a calculator depends on what kind it is and its size. Generally, Casio calculators are available at a lower-range price.

Price List

Model Price
Casio Pocket Calculator LC-310N Rs. 235
Casio Original Original 14 Digit - 300 Step Check Dj-240d P… Rs. 3,399
CASIO Scientific Calculator FX-82ex Classwiz Original Rs. 2,833
Casio General Casio Scientific Calculator Fx-991Ex Classwiz… Rs. 6,667
Casio HR8RC Printing Calculator Black Rs. 5,267
CASIO Casio Original Calculator Mj120D Plus Rs. 5,500
Tool Shop Casio Original 12 Digit Calculator Water And Dust… Rs. 5,000
Casio FX-350EX Scientific Calculator Rs. 2,581
Casio Original Original 12 Digit - 300 Step Check Dj-220d P… Rs. 3,299
CASIO Casio Original Wm-320Mt 12 Digit Desktop Calculator Rs. 4,999
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