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The Lowest price of Cartier Watches in Pakistan is Rs.1,999 and estimated average price is Rs.2,579.


Cartier makes some of the most stylish watches in the world. They have many options for men and women, made from a variety of materials that include precious metals as well as gems. Ther are simpler watches too that do not have such materials. The Cartier watch range is an expensive and premium range.


Cartier International SNC

Referred to as the "the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers." by King Edward VII of Britain, Cartier is among the top 100 most valuable brands in the world. The brand was started in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier in Paris. Cartier has provided jewels to many different royals families all across the world, including the Maharaja of Patiala in India. Not just that, many well-known celebrities are their customers and thus brand ambassadors, with Elizabeth Taylor being the most noteworthy of all. In 1969 The Cartier Diamond sold to her and her husband Richard Burton was renamed The Taylor-Burton Diamond.

The brand also made other items that were wonders at the time of their creation such as the famous Cartier Mystery Clock, which was transparent and one couldn't see where the working machine was. 

Today Cartier is owned wholly by Swiss luxury brand holding company Richemont.

Cartier watches

Over the years Cartier entered the watch market, that too due to the Brazilian pioneering aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont. A friend to Louis Cartier, grandson of Louis-François Cartier. The complaint was that pocket watches were unreliable and impractical to use while flying, especially in those days. Cartier designed a flat wristwatch with a square bezel. This watch was named "Santos" and was favoured by the aviator and by many other customers as well.

Today the brand has many different lines with a lot of designs to pick from, with a variety of materials. The build quality is great down to each part and each detail, making for a lasting, durable watch. Cartier watches have been handed down for generations. The Art Deco movement is very visible in their watches, despite all these years.

There are watch brands that may have better technical components than Cartier, but there are very few if any brands that have the grace and class of a Cartier watch. Their watch is a statement like any other timepiece, even among he stable that holds Rolex, Rado, Omega and other such brands.

Some of the Cartier watch lines

The most legendary line from the brand is the Cartier Tank series. Its design was based on tank tracks left by tanks that were used for the first time in war during 1917. The first prototype was presented to the American General John J. Pershing. 

The Ballon Bleu is their round, balloon-shaped line. Set with a sapphire cabochon that has a metal arc over it to keep it protected. Cartier Drive is a line that is for mainly for men and has a design influence from vintage automobiles.

The Crash series is a melted form, it is reminiscent of Dali's melting mirrors from The Persistence of Memory, 1931. It is not known if this was inspired by that or by a watch of the Cartier brand that was smashed and twisted in a car crash. For people who like the idea of more technically sound timepieces there the Calibre De Cartier and Rotonde lines, these are their serious chronograph.

Another series that is very high end due to the jewels set into it is the Panthere Collection. It has various uses of the wildcat incorporated into it and is aimed at female customers. 


Cartier has a plethora of watches that men and women can choose from. They are all top class, with a price that is very high. The reason for this is the high-quality materials, many are made from precious metals and have gems incorporated into them. The price really depends on what one chooses, but even the least expensive watch is an expensive watch.

One also pays for the Cartier name, a name that has been considered a top brand since its creation over a hundred years ago. That speaks for their level of quality, that they were able to maintain a reputation for over a century.

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