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The Lowest price of Carpet Cleaner in Pakistan is Rs.38,000 and estimated average price is Rs.39,000.


Carpets need regular cleaning as dust and bacteria can accumulate in the fine fibres and give rise to infections. We have the best solutions for quick and easy carpet cleaning. Check carpet cleaner prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Though regular vacuum cleaning the carpets can help prevent dust from accumulating in the carpet fibres, detailed cleaning of these floor runners is highly recommended. The use of steam carpet cleaners, carpet cleaning machines, sprays and solutions ensure the thorough cleaning and disinfecting of carpets. They also help remove pet dander and human hair that otherwise are very difficult to pick one by one. The use of these carpet cleaning devices and solutions also ensures odour removal that sometimes tends to occur in carpeted rooms.

1. Carpet Cleaner Solutions, Sprays & Liquid

Carpet shampoos, cleaning liquids and sprays are available on our website. They can be used to thoroughly clean the carpets and rugs. The process is easy as it involves only clean warm water, cleaning tools and these cleaning solutions. For hard to get stains and discolourations on the carpet, some people also like to mix a little amount of bleach to the mixture. This should be done with caution as bleach can remove the stain for sure but in the process will also lighten the colour of the carpet or make it patchy.

2. Carpet Brush & Vacuum Cleaner

While a carpet brush or manual cleaning devices work for rugs and small area cleaning, they are too time-consuming and impractical for cleaning a large carpet. In such scenarios, vacuum cleaners come in handy as the powerful machine can such out all small particles and dust from the carpet, making it clean. For high traffic areas, this cleaning method should be done every day on a regular basis to ensure the carpets are dust and dirt free. The recent invention of robot vacuum cleaners has made cleaning even easier. Buy affordable and great quality robot vacuum cleaners from our website.

3. Steam Carpet Cleaner Machine

You can buy steam cleaning machines and steam clean your carpets yourself. It deeply cleans the carpet at the same time disinfecting it. The steam process also helps retain the original shape and direction of the carpet fibres, bringing their fluff and bounce back.  

4. Professional Carpet Cleaners

If you don't have the time to manually clean the carpets, you can always hire professional cleaners. They come with the complete equipment and solutions for cleaning your carpets and even clean and disinfect sofas and other upholstered furniture. 

Whichever method of cleaning you choose, make sure to get your carpets professionally cleaned after every 6 months to once a year. Proper shampooing or washing with liquids and solutions should be done every 3 to 4 months. Large families with children and pets should daily vacuum clean the carpets to ensure the removal of spots or dirt.

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RoboVac 11S eufy by Anker, BoostIQ (Slim), Robot Vacuum Cle… Rs. 38,000
HomeVac S11 Go eufy by Anker, Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner… Rs. 40,000
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