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The Lowest price of Cargo Trousers in Pakistan is Rs.199 and estimated average price is Rs.1,531.


A pair of trousers that have extra pockets on the sides that are large. The name cargo trousers signifies their added space to carry more items on one's person. This can be useful for travelling or a day in the outdoors. The price of cargo trousers varies a lot depending on the material used and the brand that made them.


Cargo Trousers

A style of trousers originally designed for military purposes due to the added functionality. Cargo trousers are also known as cargo pants and combat pants. They are made with extra pockets on the side of the thigh area that have a flap which can be fastened with a button, velcro or a buckle depending on the design. These pockets are larger so one can carry extra items they may need. This is one of the reasons why they are worn by people who may be spending time outdoors while trekking or camping. Allowing the wearer to carry any necessary items, which could include emergency rations or medical supplies.

Most of the material used is rugged as well since the original idea was based around the need for trousers that could survive a difficult terrain. Modern versions include fabrics that are quick to dry, adding to the overall functionality of these trousers. The stitching is also done in a manner to aid durability, this is why felled seams are common in cargo trousers. Of course one can also find cargo trousers that are made from lighter materials today.


The original cargo trousers were first worn by the British Armed Forces in 1938. Today many different brands produce cargo trousers in many colours and each has some slight variation that is their own. It is easy to find cargo trousers in camouflage patterns, a harkening to the origin.

A useful pair of trousers if one is going to be travelling as it is easier to keep one's important documents secure in a more visible place than one's back pocket. Especially with a flap to hold things inside.

The price of cargo trousers varies a lot depending on the brand and specific material used.

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Multicolour Cotton Checkered Trouser For Men Rs. 199
Men Cargo Trousers Pants Jeans Rs. 1,999
Cargo Pants For Men New Tough 6 Pockets Cargo Trousers - St… Rs. 2,900
Men's Blue Tactical Pro Cargo Pants Casual Cargo Trouser Rs. 650
6 Pocket Cargo Trouser For Men | Stretchable Cargo Pants | … Rs. 3,565
Hashback Stretchable Camo Cargo Pant Rs. 999
Cargo Green Trouser Rs. 3,499
6 Pocket Cargo Trouser For Men | Stretchable Cargo Pants | … Rs. 3,565
Men's Cargo Summer Shorts Running Gym Fitness Jogging Rs. 1,100
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