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The Lowest price of Car Scanner in Pakistan is Rs.1,199 and estimated average price is Rs.3,170.


An important tool to check the cars Engine Control Unit (ECU), a car scanner can let you know why any error lights or messages are showing up. One needs to know what kind their car is compatible with, not all car scanners work with every car. The device can also reset errors once you have seen them. The price of a car scanner depends on its exact type, generally, prices are in a lower mid-range on to something more expensive for a device that is more modern.


Car scanner

A device that is made to be connected to a cars Engine Control Unit (ECU) and run diagnostics. There are various kinds, the more prevalent kind need to be connected with a wire to the ECU, other options can be connected wirelessly. Which type one gets is also a matter of the kind of car they will be using it with, it has to be compatible with their system.

There are classifications of OBD, OBD1 and OBD2; this lets one know what scanner they need to purchase. A car scanner also lets one reset errors in case any error lights of messages are showing. These errors could be in relation to any of the systems within the car that is controlled through the ECU. 


Car scanners are often kept by mechanics to check what errors the ECU is showing as a guide to figure out issues. One can also keep it with them and if there is any confusion about the error codes they can Google the error codes of their specific car to see what the problem is relating to.

The price of a car scanner is in the lower mid-range, with the newer models costing more.

Price List

Model Price
Super MINI ELM327 Bluetooth ELM 327 for Android T… Rs. 3,750
EM415pro Car Circuit Scanner Open & Short Dc Circ… Rs. 4,900
EM415pro Car Circuit Scanner Open & Short Dc Circ… Rs. 3,920
Car Code Reader OBD JD906S TopDiag OBD2 Scanner C… Rs. 1,899
Maxi Car Fault Codes Scanner and Resetter Rs. 5,750
Car Engine Fault Diagnostic Scanner Tool Auto Cod… Rs. 3,825
Car Diagnostic Scanner Code Rs. 2,000
Super Mini ELM 327 Bluetooth V 2.1 OBD2 Diagnosti… Rs. 1,199
Bluetooth Car Error Code Reader OBD 2 Scanner - A… Rs. 3,709
Super Mini ELM 327 Bluetooth OBD2 Diagnostic Scan… Rs. 1,619
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