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Having important accessories in your car can be pretty convenient. They also add to the beauty of the car's interior. There is a wide array of accessories that you can buy online and stuff your car with but it is also important to invest in the ones that actually give some utilitarian value. Check out car accessories prices in Pakistan on this page and read further for a list of the most useful items to choose from.


Useful Car Accessories List

Providing a lot of utilitarian value some accessories are a must for most people. They add to the beauty of your car's interior decor as well as allow for more comfortable and safe travelling. Apart from the necessary car tool kit, a Stepney, automatic tyre inflator etc, the following are some accessories that can give you excellent functionality while travelling.

1. 3D Blind Spot Rearview Mirror

Drivers are familiar with the occurrence of blind spots on the road and know that they cannot be seen with regular side-view mirrors. These are spots that can be easily detected by installing 3D blind spot rearview mirrors in your car. Having these can greatly reduce the chances of colliding with another vehicle while changing lanes and can also give an excellent general view around you that may be useful while driving in tight traffic.

2. Dashboard Camera/Rear View Camera

Dashboard cameras help one record their journey for fun or keep a track of mishaps and accidents while driving. Most people have also found unique happenings and have been lucky enough to capture them on their dashcam automatically. This can be an excellent way to make a travelogue or a compilation of driving incidents. You can also make fun videos with your friends in the car.

3. Swivel Tray, Cup Holder & Storage Bin 

Eating or drinking in the car can sometimes be pretty annoying and a huge hassle, especially when you are accustomed to eating on a tray. Having a swivel tray and cup holder installed in the car can be a convenient accessory for those who go for long-distance travelling with family and eat in the car. This ensures there are no spills on the way and even better if you can get your hands on a swivel tray that can be transformed into a storage bin after use to store your food or other possessions. 

4. Steering wheel covers

Some people tend to sweat in the hands a lot while driving. Installing sweat-resistant and anti-slip steering wheel covers can do the trick and instantly enhance your driving experience. Premium-quality leather material for steering wheel cover is the best option for comfortable and slip-free manoeuvring of the car. They would also make the car's interior look luxurious and attractive.

5. Phone Holder & LED Car Charger

There are people who prefer using their phone apps for direction rather than using the in-car navigation systems. While it is difficult to drive with one hand with a mobile in the other, it is also not a safe thing to do while driving. A phone holder comes in handy in situations like these as you can easily place your phone at a safe place on the go. You also don't need to hold the phone while you are reading road maps while driving and can easily and safely follow direction. Make sure to buy a car charger that can keep your phone juiced up during long trips. Even better if it comes with futuristic-looking LED lights, only if you are into a bit of opulence.

Decorative Accessories 

Some people like to beautify their car interior with multiple accessories. Though they may look attractive, not all of them will provide any functionality or utilitarian value and are merely decorative items. There are also some items that provide functionality as well as add beauty to the decor. Here are some of the popular ones in the category.

1. Car Stickers & Emblems 

2. Sound System & Video Player 

3. Car Seats, Floor & Seat Cushions 

4. Air Freshener & Decorative Toys 

Car accessories prices in Pakistan vary depending on the item and brand. Find the best variety and prices for car accessories online on our website.

Price List

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O.P.I-In The Cable Car-Pool Lane Rs. 1,050
O.P.I- My Car Navi-gation Rs. 1,050
Infantes Carry Coat Brown, 324 Rs. 8,500
Super bright Headlight DRL Car Vehicles Fog Dayti… Rs. 1,990
1Pcs ANODIZED BILLET ALUMINUM Car Tie Down for Ci… Rs. 2,141
JO 9pcs car tool set - multicolor Rs. 3,841
Joyroom Car Charger With Fm JR-CL02 Rs. 1,950
Car Air Compressor Heavy Duty 85L/min - 12v - 150… Rs. 4,499
Car Seat Gap Slit Pocket Storage Organizer Caddy … Rs. 1,535
4pcs Auto Car Panel Audio Removal Tool Box Packag… Rs. 1,609
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