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The Lowest price of Candyland in Pakistan is Rs.10 and estimated average price is Rs.641.


A local brand that is known for producing sweets. CandyLand has a number of hit sub-brands under their umbrella. With nominal prices, so more Pakistani's can enjoy their products.


CandyLand brand

One of the most well known local brands that produce confectionaries. CandyLand is the largest confectionery company in Pakistan. The groundwork was started in 1988 by Ismail Industries Limited and it was launched in 1990.

A pioneer in the jellies segment, with their iconic ABC Jelly and Chilli Mili. CandyLand also produces many different kinds of toffees, gums, lollipops, chocolates, marshmallows and candies. Some of the other known confections include CandyLand Eclair and Fanty. The same company is also behind Bisconi, a biscuit producing brand and SnackCity, their line of crisps and such snacks. Bisconi is the brand under which the much loved Cocomo is produced.

All the CandyLand lines are ISO 22000 certified and are Halaal Certified from SANHA.

CandyLand sweets are available at low-end prices, making them accessible to the Pakistani masses.

Price List

Model Price
Candyland ABC Jelly, Fun Pack, 20g Rs. 10
CandyLand Fluffs Marshmallow Carton - 18 Boxes Rs. 2,160
CandyLand Milky Toffee Carton - 24 Pack Rs. 2,400
Candy Land Bear Jelly 24 Pcs Rs. 115
Candyland Chili Mili Jelly Box 18x28g Rs. 155
Candyland Now Chocolate Paste (70pcs Jar) Rs. 425
Candyland Jelly Abc (24bag) Rs. 115
Candyland Jello Mello Pizza (24bag) Rs. 115
C-Land Twister Marshmallow 24pcs Box Rs. 112
Candyland Bear Jelly 24's Box Rs. 105
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