Cambridge Insect Killer Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Cambridge Insect Killer in Pakistan is Rs.4,228 and estimated average price is Rs.5,608.


Cambridge insect killers use an electronic mesh to zap bugs. These are used outdoors and indoors as well. The prices are affordable, helping one keep their spaces insect-free.


An insect killer is used to keep one's spaces clear from bugs, this is especially the case for mosquitoes.

The Cambridge insect killer has UV lamps in the middle and a metal mesh around it. This mesh is electrocuted and zaps the bugs when they come in contact with it as they are attracted to the UV light. These insect killers can be kept on the ground of hung from the roof or wall as well.

People use these around spaces where food is served and this is considered not so safe as germs are sent into the atmosphere near where the bug is zapped. This is why some people do not use insect killers near food.

One should also avoid using these insect killer near a place that has honey bees as it can upset the natural balance if too many are killed.

Cambridge insect killers are available for affordable prices.

Price List

Model Price
Cambridge Insect Killer (IK-817MK2) Rs. 4,228
Cambridge Insect Killer (IK-823) Rs. 6,365
Cambridge Insect Killer (IK-822) Rs. 6,899
Cambridge Insect Killer (IK-818MK2) Rs. 4,940
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