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Calvin Klein is among the top American fashion brands, it produces a lot of different items for the personal style segment, including fragrances. CK One Shock is from one of their best lines of scents and has a version for men and women, with both built around an oriental feel. The price of CK One Shock fragrances is in an affordable range.


Calvin Klein CK One Shock is a later iteration of the world-famous CK One. The brand itself is also one of the most well known American fashion brands, competing with many of the top European names. Calvin Klein's success in the fragrance market is owed to their Eternity and Ck One lines.

The many variations of CK One have their own types of scents, keeping the original's feel alive. CK One Shock version is more about oriental tones with both containing amber as a warm grounding note.

Calvin Klein Ck One Shock

This version was launched in 2011. The women's CK One Shock is more of an opulent oriental scent with strong floral tones. It has passion flower, rep poppy and peony as the opening notes. These are followed by more flowers at the heart along with bitterness as well. The heart notes are jasmine, blackberry, narcissus and Mexican chocolate; this last note gives the heart some bitterness.

At the base, one finds the warmer, more full tones that help bring all the various flavours together. It includes amber, patchouli, musk and vanilla. These add warmth, earthiness, a bit of spice and leather as well.

For the men's version as well oriental tones are the base, the rest has an aromatic spiciness to it. The top notes are made from lavender, clementine and cucumber. This light opening leads to the heart which has black pepper, cardamom, basil and osmanthus. These heart notes let you know that this scent is comparatively heavier and has a lot more spice to it.

The base for the Calvin Klein CK One Shock men's version is made from amber, tobacco, muck, wood notes and patchouli. This creates a fuller feel to the base where all the other notes can be anchored.

Both of these versions have a strong oriental vibe, providing a rich experience due to this. Despite this, the tops for both manage to create lighter feelings that linger ahead before one gets to the more intense and darker lower notes.


The men's Calvin Klein CK One Shock is often related to the night and winter due to the richer notes. The women's version has day and summer as the more apt timings to be worn. This, however, is a personal choice in either instance, one could wear a scent whenever they feel like.

Price-wise both versions of Calvin Klein CK One Shock are available at affordable rates.