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The Lowest price of Bracelet For Men in Pakistan is Rs.150 and estimated average price is Rs.790.


Bracelet for men is specially designed keeping in mind their particular tastes in materials, metals, geometry using minimal craftsmanship to create statement pieces of jewellery. They have unique engraving, plates, buckles, beads, threaded braids and strong clasps that are enjoyed by teenagers, young and mature men all over the world.


Premium Metals 

The traditional bracelet for men can be in gold-toned silver, steering silver, platinum and stainless steel depending on your budget. There is a wide variety of expensive to mid-range chains and solid bands that are iconic designs for men's jewellery. This kind of bracelet for men can be paired with a neck chain, rings and premium watch to complete the look. Men enjoy jewellery just as much as women, for centuries kings, emperors and merchants have adorned themselves with precious jewellery and armour. The bracelet can have a particular engraving that makes it culturally, religiously and personally is significant making it an essential part of your everyday life.  


There are now dozens of styles available online for men's bracelets and jewellery that include Vintage, Modern, Leather and Threaded Strings. These are inspired by various regions and cultures from handmade tropical islands men enjoy wearing beads and thread that make them feel closer to nature and the ocean. The leather bands are considered more urban and worn iconically by rock musicians and biker gangs. The inspiration for these bracelets has been various communities and subcultures focused on men's clubs and friendships.

The traditional friendship and worn as children will become more masculine with elaborate patters in earthy tones that are durable and easy to wear in the shower. These modern bracelets will combine multiple kinds of materials and textures to create a combination bracelet with a chain, a leather band and interesting clasping system, hook system or simple knot to hold it together. 

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Model Price
Multi Layer Leather Bracelet For Men Rs. 150
Pack of 3 Brecelet for Men Rs. 500
Stylish Imported 5 Pcs Multilayer Handmade European Leather… Rs. 345
Star Design Creative Diamond Bracelet For Her Rs. 1,000
Latest Creative Eclipse Shaped Watch With Fashionable Brace… Rs. 1,200
Simple Design Chains With Gold Pearl And Eclipse Bracelet F… Rs. 550
Men Leather Bracelets Rs. 324
Salman Khan Style Bracelet For Men - Silver Rs. 750
Bracelet For Women Rs. 799
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