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The Lowest price of Boys Shalwar Kameez in Pakistan is Rs.299 and estimated average price is Rs.1,779.


Most Pakistani men wear shalwar kameez either on festive occasions, Jummah prayers or to funerals. For others, it is a staple everyday clothing paired with comfortable eastern footwear. The most common colours of shalwar kameez for boys are black or white as they are safe colours that suit almost all Pakistani complexions. If you are looking for options, check out boys shalwar kameez prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for our suggestions on the best brands for unstitched and ready to wear variety.


Leading Brands 

Some of the best brands of shalwar kameez for teenage boys and grown men in Pakistan are Gul Ahmed, Saeed Ajmal, Amir Adnan, Lawrencepur, Junaid Jamshed, Edenrobe, Bonanza, Diners, Khaadi, Nishat Linen and Muneeb Nawaz. There are also more affordable local options on this page for your convenience. 

Stitched & Unstitched Boys Shalwar Kameez

Some boys prefer buying shalwar kameez off the rack as it saves them the hassles of buying loose cloth and then going to the tailor. The stitched variety of boys shalwar kameez can be bought in all sizes and types of seasonal fabrics. The colour range is also endless depending on the brand or seller and most manufacturers routinely launch seasonal wear every year. Casual wear shalwar kameez can be simple or with intricate embroidery on the cuffs and the neckline or in some cases a motif on one or both sides of the chest with casual or fancy buttons in the middle. Some boys wear cufflinks to add a bit of style to an otherwise simple outfit. 

Those who prefer tailor-made clothing opt for the unstitched variety. Unstitched shalwar kameez fabric for boys can be bought in loose cloth that is sold by the meter. This is convenient for people who are tall or require extra fabric than the standard two-piece shalwar suit measurements. For a long time, Chairman Latha by Gul Ahmed and Lawrencepur have been amongst the most sought after brands for unstitched shalwar kameez fabrics for men.

Festive Shalwar Kameez for Boys

Weddings, Eid, Ramadan and other eastern festive occasions are events when most Pakistani men and boys can be seen wearing shalwar kameez and eastern wear. Most of the times they pair shalwar kameez with waistcoats, prince coats, embellished shawl, plain shawl or wear it under sherwani. Festive shalwar kameez can be embroidered or heavily embellished with traditional Pakistani embroidery techniques such as dabka, zari, kora, zardozi, thread embroidery, mukesh, metalwork, stonework etc.

Shalwar Kameez for Little Boys

You can buy shalwar kameez for toddlers and pre-teen boys from Mushrooms, Bonanza, Al-Karam, Sapphire, Cambridge, Oxford, Junaid Jamshed, Amir Adnan and Khaadi. The collection is available in ready to wear, unstitched casual and festive wear with or without eastern waistcoats etc. 

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Boys Black Shalwar Kameez Rs. 299
Olive Green Plain Ban Collar Boys Shalwar Kameez (BSK-12) Rs. 1,999
Boys Embroidered Shalwar Suit 346 - Blue Rs. 1,899
Boys Waist Coat SKU: KBW-0020-BLUE Rs. 1,992
Boys Dark Blue Kurta Rs. 1,299
Boys Waist Coat SKU: KBW-0028-R-BLUE Rs. 1,432
Humayun Saeed Boutique Brown Shalwar Kameez Rs. 1,995
Atfaal Fashion Boys Clothing Kurta Shalwar Kids Wear Boys F… Rs. 599
C-green Cotton Casual Kurta Shalwar Suite For Boys Rs. 650
Humayun Saeed Boutique Brown Shalwar Kameez Rs. 1,995
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