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The Lowest price of Bose Speakers in Pakistan is Rs.1,499 and estimated average price is Rs.50,929.


Bose has a very diversified range of speakers for different settings and purposes. The quality is top-notch as is the design. The sound Bose speakers produce is well enjoyed by the consumer market. Bose speakers are available at higher price points.


A high-end consumer audio brand, Bose is all about their products producing good sound. To this end the brand does not publish specs, they believe the experience is subjective; given their reputation, one can say they have achieved their goal. This is one of the go-to audio brands for high-quality speakers and headphones.

The Bose Speaker Range

Bose has speakers in every category one can think of; from outdoor speakers to portable Bluetooth speakers. The SoundLink label is for their portable Bluetooth speakers. There are varied options, the sizes and shapes are different between models. Almost all the SoundLink speakers are splash resistant, with one smaller one that is waterproof. These speakers also have an AUX input, depending on the model.

Smart speakers are also something Bose has made. This variety has two lines, one is the Smart Home Family and the other is the Smart Touch Family. The difference is more so in design, the functionality is similar for both these lines. Each of these lines has the ability to daisy chain multiple speakers; this lets users play the same song in multiple rooms. A great feature to set an ambience for your evening. The Smart Home Family also includes some soundbars.

Soundbars are the modern multimedia speakers that are used along with TVs. As TVs get more slim, their speakers have become so thin that they lack the bass and oomph needed to enjoy movies. Soundbars are an elongated speaker that can be set under the TV to make up for the TV's lack of sound. These are connected using Bluetooth or an AUX cable.

If you want more than the soundbar for your home, there are also a range of home theatre systems. These are multi-speaker setups that have a subwoofer as well for the low-end hums. The speakers can be spread out around your room, creating a true surround sound feel; making your movie experience immersive. The console that is used as the central unit can be set under the TV, this console has multiple input options so you can connect more devices.

The Wave line from Bose are side table speakers which also have dual alarm features in case two people need separate wake up times. These feature FM, WiFi, Bluetooth and even have CD-ROMS. As these are designed to be in the bedroom, they have an AUX out as well so one can listen to their music privately on headphones in case their partner or roommate is asleep.

Another range from Bose is their portable PA systems, these are high power speakers that can be taken to various locations for use. They have different power levels and one can choose the one that suits their needs based on how many people they need to cater to. Some of these models are designed as mini line-array making them more efficient for the compact size. The inputs on these systems include RCA, MIC, TRS phono and AUX. A few of the models are larger and need a power connection and others have a battery built into them.

Apart from all these options, the brand has a range of computer speakers, bookshelf speakers and many different speakers that can be installed into the walls. They also have outdoor speakers which are built into a special shape that makes them wheater proof, these are ideal for the lawn or for outdoor cafe settings.


Bose also has a section that is dedicated to accessories. These include all sorts of cables, stands, cases, wall brackets and remotes. Some speakers come with their own remote and in case one loses it they can purchase another.

The design of Bose speakers is very neat, the brand opts for simple lines to keep the design minimal and perpetually relevant. The colours they are available in are mostly black or white.

As for price, Bose speakers are expensive. The brand produces quality devices which are priced accordingly.

Price List

Model Price
Bose 161 Speaker System Rs. 54,399
Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II - Yello… Rs. 33,099
BOSE Bose Soundlink 2 Plus Bluetooth Wireless Spe… Rs. 3,000
Bose Bluetooth Touch Speaker - BE8 Rs. 4,950
Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker Travel Bag Rs. 11,199
Bose SoundWear Companion Wireless Speaker Black Rs. 43,603
Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker Soft Cover Rs. 5,999
Bose 251 Environmental Speakers - White Rs. 171,299
Bose Wave Radio/CD Remote Control Rs. 4,199
Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker - Black Rs. 33,599
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