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The Lowest price of Bomber Jacket in Pakistan is Rs.999 and estimated average price is Rs.3,102.


A modern iteration of a classic that had its beginning in the forces, the bomber jacket has always been stylish. Sometimes more and other times less, but always present. A great addition to one's wardrobe.


Origins of the bomber jacket

The first bomber jacket was a bulky layered leather jacket used in open cockpits in WWI. As aeroplane technology stepped into the jet-age the jacket needed to be upgraded as well; enter the modern bomber jacket with its slimline round collar. Dedesigned in the 50s in nylon, meant to be sleek; it met the needs of modern cockpits.

Back in fashion

In recent years they made a comeback as Kanye West wore one on tour. After which almost all design houses made their version and showed them on the ramp, some paired with dresses even. It is one of the most versatile designs and can be worn with anything from chinos to shorts. The elegant design lines make it fit well with almost anything. A neat one could be worn to make one look closer to smart-casual, or can be worn in a casual manner too.

Variation over time

From the original green nylon to leather and other fabrics, over the years bomber jackets have been made from many materials. The inner lining is also at times colourful or patterned to add to the jackets chic. There are versions that have more lining for the winter or the more simple single layer that can be worn in pleasant weather.

Finding a size that fits well, material, fastenings and colour are the key factors in purchasing the right one. The prices vary a lot too as many brands make them, each with a different level of quality as well.

Price List

Model Price
Red Puffer Sleeveless Jacket For Men Rs. 2,499
Ladies Red Puffer Sleeveless Parachute Jacket for… Rs. 2,499
Ladies Dark Blue Puffer Parachute Jacket for Women Rs. 3,199
Blue Puffer Sleeveless Jacket For Men Rs. 2,499
Ladies Black Sleeveless Parachute Jacket for Women Rs. 2,499
Ladies Maroon Puffer Parachute Jacket for Women Rs. 3,199
Black Puffer Jacket For Men Rs. 3,199
Brown Puffer Jacket For Men Rs. 3,199
Ladies Dark Blue Sleeveless Parachute Jacket for … Rs. 2,499
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