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The Lowest price of Board Games in Pakistan is Rs.350 and estimated average price is Rs.1,666.


Playing board games is a fun way to spend quality time with your friends or family. It is also a wonderful gift for kids and adults alike. There are countless board games that one can buy online but the best and the most engaging ones are listed below for you to choose from. 


Board Games for Kids

Kids these days are engrossed in their mobiles and laptops most of the time. Due to the extensive use of electronic devices in most households, families have lost touch with the tradition of sitting together and playing indoor games. By getting your kids age-appropriate games, you will give them plenty of fun-filled screen-free time. It will engage them for hours, polish their critical thinking skills and instil sportsmanship spirit in them. The activity will also make them forget their mobile games and apps and help build a sense of competitiveness. Here are some of the best board games for kids ranging from age 3 to the age of 15. 

1. Sequence (3 and above, no reading required)

2. The Game Plan Game (4 to 8 year olds)

3. Crickster (6 and above)

4. Pie Face Kids Board Game (5 and above)

5. Piece Fruit Together (age 3 to 5)

6. Scrabble (7 years and above)

7.Checkers or Draughts (5 and above)

8. Ludo (3 and above)

9. Chess (7 and above)

10. Monopoly (8 and above)

Board Games for Grown-Ups & Families

It is a fun activity for game nights when you want to stay indoors and bond with family and friends. Some of the strategy-based games listed below are an excellent exercise for the brain. Others are packed with fun so one can let loose and make beautiful memories to cherish forever.

1. Pandemic

2. Battleship

3. Spontuneous Board Game

4. Stratego 

5. Backgammon

6. Carcassonne Board Game Standard

7. Risk 

8. Checkers

9. The Settlers of Catan

10. Carrom Pool

11. Ludo

12. Chess

13. Speak Out

14. Clue

15. Tensation

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Price List

Model Price
Ludo Board Game 35×30 CM Parchis Giant Game 16 Pcs 7065 Rs. 350
Pinball Style Table Board Game Rs. 3,051
Puckett Game Rs. 2,331
Carrom Board Rs. 1,100
Puzzles & Board Games Monopoly Ludo Rs. 675
Monopoly Rs. 1,485
Jenga Bridge Rs. 1,422
Puzzles & Board Games Rs. 594
Scrabble Board Game Rs. 1,170
Puzzle Memory Chess Rs. 1,688
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