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The Lowest price of Blazers For Men in Pakistan is Rs.899 and estimated average price is Rs.6,112.


An important addition to a man's wardrobe. The blazer can be worn on many occasions, making it a versatile piece of clothing. Available in many colours and designs, the fit should be snug but not tight. The price varies depending on the material and designer that made it.


A versatile garment

A blazer can be worn on many occasions and is an important part of a man's wardrobe. There are a lot of different designs that could be labelled as a blazer. It could also be with a patterned weave or have a print. These are ready to be worn at any time, with a variety of styling possibilities. A blazer can be worn with jeans or chinos, with a t-shirt or a smart casual shirt.

The blazer fit

The shoulders are the starting point, they should be snug but not too much that there are divets or any rumpling. If they are hanging loose, it is too big a size. The length of the blazer should just barely cover the trouser pockets. Sleeve length should show about half or a fourth of an inch of your shirt's cuff, any more visible over that means the sleeves are short. The waist area should be a little tighter than the rest, making a kind of 'v' shape from the shoulders down. If the overall shape is like an 'x' the coat is probably a little too tight. The chest space should fit one hand snug, not too loose and not too tight. 

One of the style rules of a blazer is that only one button, the top one, can be closed. Never the lower button. While sitting both buttons are to be kept open. Blazers for men are available at many different prices depending on fabric and brand.

Price List

Model Price
Fashion Café, Printed, Jacquard Fabric, Blazer fo… Rs. 899
Men's Black Blazer - EMTB20-8152 Rs. 7,995
BLAZER EMTB18-6667 Rs. 6,295
Men's Teal Blazer - EMTB21-6758 Rs. 8,993
Men's Beige Blazer - EMTB21-8166 Rs. 13,493
QUIZ MAN Textured Blazer In Grey Rs. 5,850
QUIZ MAN Blue and White Check Blazer Rs. 6,840
Highstreet Fashion Men Formal Leather Coat Rs. 4,999
Men's Grey Blazer - EMTB21-6729 Rs. 8,993
Men's Grey Blazer - EMTB21-6741 Rs. 8,993
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