Black Sherwani Price in Pakistan

3 results for Black Sherwani from 1 online stores. Black Sherwani price in pakistan ranges from Rs. 220,000 to Rs. 360,000

Embroidered black sherwani

Rs. 255,000

Embroidered black sherwani

No reviews
Short black sherwani

Rs. 220,000

Short black sherwani

No reviews
Classic black sherwani

Rs. 360,000

Classic black sherwani

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Black Sherwani Price in Pakistan

3 results for Black Sherwani from 1 online stores. Black Sherwani price in pakistan ranges from Rs. 220,000 to Rs. 360,000

Black Sherwani Price List

Embroidered black sherwani Rs. 255,000
Short black sherwani Rs. 220,000
Classic black sherwani Rs. 360,000

Black Sherwani Overview

Sherwani is a traditional men's long coat that is worn over kameez and is paired with shalwar or churidar to create a formal and aristocratic look. Pakistani designers have brought international recognition to Pakistani menswear and reintroduced the Sherwani into mainstream fashion. Modern sherwani is a revival of yesteryear's fashion associated with the Rajas and Maharajas of the subcontinent. The most sought after sherwani colour is black as it is considered a safe choice and suits almost every Pakistani skin tone. Also, most Pakistani brides wear red on their wedding day, so the grooms opt for black sherwani as it complements red more than any other colour. Intricately embroidered and widely coveted, designer black sherwanis are available online at varied prices in Pakistan. Let's explore different styles of sherwanis, top-rated designer sherwani brands and affordable alternatives available.

Black Sherwani Description

Affordable Brands

Fairly priced black sherwanis made out of silk, jamawar, cotton and suiting fabric are the most coveted groom's wear in Pakistan. Edenrobe and Bonanza Satrangi have an affordable range of formal sherwanis in black colour for the groom and groom's men. These sherwanis are adorned with intricate-looking embroidery in traditional handcrafted patterns in thread, zardozi, tilla, dabka, kora, resham, gota etc. 

Premium Black Sherwani Brands

Designers who are famous for creating timeless black sherwanis for the groom and groom's men are Hassan Shehryar Yasin (HSY), Amir AdnanLajwantiDeepak Parwani etc. These designers have been creating regal-looking sherwanis and other wedding wear for decades. 

Royal Ebony Collection by Amir Adnan

The Amir Adnan Sherwanis showcase his signature designing where carefully chosen colours and fabrics are the main focus of the attire. The Royal Ebony Collection has black sherwanis in stylish cuts, embroideries, fancy detailing, buttons, and are crafted with elegant designing and intricate embroidery. These sherwanis evoke the attires of the aristocrats and the Persian nobility of the Mughal era. It can be paired with heavily worked silk shawls and turbans designed by Amir Adnan.

Lajwanti Groom Couture

Lajwanti's black sherwanis come heavily worked with dabka, rhinstones, kora, resham and antique work with embellished buttons. They are paired with boski suits, embellished shawls, matching turban and a pair of khussas to complete the entire look.

Deepak Perwani 

The Sherwanis offered by Deepak Perwani is the most expensive item out of the menswear collection. They are more suited to the groom rather than the groom's men for their highly formal look. Deepak uses formal fabrics such as silk, jamawar, mesori, jacquard, raw silk etc for creating elegant menswear.

Sherwani Styles & Fabrics

Modern-day sherwanis come in various styles, colours and fabrics, where the most popular ones are as follows.

1. Front Open 

These feature a front open long garment with embroidery on the lapels, collars and the neckline. The front open variety gives a very modern look to the wearer and they can pair it with jeans to look even more trendy. The inner kurta can be embroidered too for a heavier and formal look. 

2. Straight Cut 

Straight cut sherwanis are tapered along the hips and waist, creating a slim silhouette but a broad-shouldered look to give a slim yet broad-shouldered look.

3. Velvet Sherwanis

Velvet exudes luxury and class. The velvet sherwanis either come in heavy embroidery, plain or with simple intricate motifs spread all over the front. Since velvet is a warm fabric, these sherwanis cant be worn during summer events.

4. Jamawar, Silk & Black Suiting Sherwanis

The formal look and sophistication of fabrics such as Jamawar and silk make these sherwanis look outstandingly expensive. Jamawar is a soft yet structured fabric that enhances the overall look of the attire and leaves little room for further embellishments. Designers use tough black suiting fabric for some sherwanis for a stronger yet striking outlook. 

5. Traditional Cut 

Buttoned up to the collar the traditional sherwanis have intricate aesthetic embroidered in kora dabka, kashida, zardozi, phulkari, jaalwork, kantha and kashmiri embroideries. The cut is simple yet stylish, resembling the attires of Mughal emperors.