Bio Hunza Coconut Oil Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Bio Hunza Coconut Oil in Pakistan is Rs.780 and estimated average price is Rs.780.


Bio Hunza Coconut Oil is cold pressed so the nutrition within is not damaged. Coconut oil is applied to the body and hair, and it can also be consumed.


Cold pressed, Bio Hunza Coconut Oil is organic. The cold pressing makes sure that the nutritional compounds do not get denatured.

Bio Hunza Coconut Oil contains a lot of vitamin E which makes it great for the skin and hair. Vitamin E increases skin elasticity and also levels out the pH. This gives one better skin that is supple and soft.

Coconut oil is also used for oral hygiene, in a technique called oil pulling. One rinses the mouth with this process and then spits out the oil. Some people also use coconut oil instead of sunscreens.

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Bio Hunza Coconut Oil 235 Ml Rs. 780
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