Bingo Jumbo Food Factory Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Bingo Jumbo Food Factory in Pakistan is Rs.10,855 and estimated average price is Rs.11,427.


Helping you with all your food prep, the Bingo Jumbo Food Factory can undertake a bunch of tasks to help you pace up your kitchen work time. Available for an affordable price this is a high-value appliance.


The Bingo Jumbo Food Factory is a kitchen appliance that can execute a range of tasks that make it a lot easier for you to prepare food.

This machine can be used as a juicer, blender, soya bean milk producer, egg whisker, meat slicer, mincer, a spice grinder and more. The different attachments that the Bingo Jumbo Food Factory comes with help you undertake the specific task you need done.

There are speed settings so the task can be executed exactly how you want. The large size means you can get a larger volume of preparation done in a shorter time. 

The Bingo Jumbo Food Factory is especially ideal for kitchens that have to cook a lot of food, this machine would help you get so many repetitive tasks done much faster.

Price-wise the Bingo Jumbo Food Factory is available for an affordable rate, making it a high-value device as it can do a lot of work.

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Model Price
Bingo Jumbo Food Factory Black/White FX-5000 Rs. 10,855
Bingo FX-5000 - Jumbo Food Factory - 600W Rs. 12,000
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