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The Lowest price of Badam in Pakistan is Rs.23 and estimated average price is Rs.819.


A source of protein and fat-burning abilities a fist full of almonds will keep you feeling full for a long duration of time. They can be used as an unsaturated fat that works great as dietary fibre that will keep you feeling fresh and energised at work or during road trips. They are low in carbohydrates that help maintain balance and does not spike sugar levels causing cravings or sudden crash in blood sugar levels.



According to the Food Network "A serving of almonds has 162 calories, 14 grams of heart-healthy unsaturated fat, and 6 grams of protein, and when snacking on almonds, portion control is key. One serving of almonds is 23 almonds, which equals 1 ounce, ΒΌ cup or about 1 handful." that will help remove any hunger pangs and act as a sufficient source of energy between meals. 

Almond Oil

A well-known fact is that almond oil is used for skin and hair care products. It is added to moisturisers and creams to keep the skin hydrated and protects from harsh sun damage. Other health benefits of badam oil are that it can be ingested directly as a source of potent antioxidant vitamin E. Recommended as a supplement to a meal as it can lower blood sugar after breakfast or lunch meal for the rest of the day.  


A simple dessert or meethi treat for the whole family is almond halwa or badam halwa had with chai during winters. It is prepared by grounding almonds and sugar while milk is added slowing into the pan to create a soft textured paste. A sweet delight had during holidays such as Eid or weddings meals adding an ethnic flavour to the festivities. 


Badam has calcium, zinc, and antioxidants vitamin E properties that are considered good monounsaturated fats for the body. 

Natural Remedy 

7 gram serving of almonds can help improve muscle strength and increase metabolic rate for digestion. It helps lower the body's LDL that is considered bad cholesterol levels and reduces the risks of heart problems in men and women. 

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Pakola Yum Badam Zaafran Milk 125ml Rs. 23
Giggly Badam Barfi 12 Pieces Rs. 59
Almond Nut ( Badam ) - Australian Finest quality - 500gm Rs. 1,199
Badam Silk Top Ladies (Dark Blue) Rs. 999
Badam Silk Top Ladies (Purple) Rs. 999
Rewari Sohan Halwa - Badam Pak - Multan - 1kg Rs. 1,100
Almonds Kernals ( Gurbandi badam Giri ) 500 Gram Rs. 849
Almonds American Badam Large Size : 500gm Rs. 980
Pack Of 12 - Oolala Pista Badam - Flavored Milk 180ml Rs. 540
Chase Badam American 200gm Rs. 565
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