Baby Lotions Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Baby Lotions in Pakistan is Rs.80 and estimated average price is Rs.595.


Babies use diapers and wipes so much that it can aggravate their skin which is also sensitive at that time in their life. One may need baby lotion to placate issues that arise from this. There are many different kinds of baby lotions on the market, one can choose based on their budget or based on what suits their baby.


Babies have sensitive skin and the usage of wipes and their diapers can be cause for skin irritation. To help with this you can make use of baby lotion.

People tend to use it based on how the specific baby's skin is, some might need it every few days and other babies may need it more regularly.

There are various types, and generally, something without synthetic chemicals is preferred as natural extracts don't have other harmful effects unless a baby is allergic to something in nature. A lot of brands produce baby lotions, with the known ones being Palmer's, Dove, and Aveeno.

Please check the ingredients of the baby lotion you are getting and try to avoid parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates or steroids and other synthetics that could cause damage to the baby's health. Many baby products have been recalled over the years for having dangerous chemicals in them, with many from the largest known brands.

The price of baby lotions depends on the specific brand in question, the lotions with more organic ingredients are generally a bit more expensive.

Price List

Model Price
Nexton Baby Lotion 125ml Rs. 260
Nexton Baby Lotion 65ml Rs. 190
Aveeno Baby Barrier Cream Daily Care - 100ml - 35… Rs. 2,200
Cool & Cool Baby Milk Lotion, Paraben Free, Aloe … Rs. 475
Dove Baby Rich Moisture Nappy Cream, Paraben Free… Rs. 450
Johnson's Baby Soft Lotion, Paraben Free, Importe… Rs. 700
Johnson’s Lotion Baby Lotion 100ml - 6111079003077 Rs. 240
Palmer's Baby Oil 150ml Rs. 1,350
Organic Baby Lotion Rs. 475
Johnson's Soft Baby Lotion, With Coconut Oil, Par… Rs. 550
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