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Audionic Speakers Price in Pakistan

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Audionic is one of the leading names in the world of electronics and technology. A perfect entertainment companion, Audionic produces a plethora of multimedia products, hi-fi speakers, home theatres, multimedia speakers, headphones, earphones and mp3 players. The Audionic speaker line ranges from mini speakers to portable, Bluetooth, LED tv and home theatre speakers. Shopsy brings you a list of all available Audionic speakers in Pakistan along with their prices and features so that you can select the best quality party rocker that fits your needs and gives you the perfect auditory pleasure you have been craving for since your last speaker purchase! 

Unbreakable body and chic design, Audionic speakers are not just aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but also offer a wide variety of features for a more user-friendly experience. The Audionic speakers feature slots for USB, AUX and Micro SD. In some models, Audionic has also added a digital display screen that further enhances the beauty of the speaker and increases its usability by displaying all the important information digitally. The LED lights on some Audionic speakers also add to the beauty of these powerful party rockers. For home theatre enthusiasts, Audionic has come up with multi-channel speakers that provide HDMI sound, optical input and NFC connectivity so you can have an everlasting listening experience. The Audionic speakers can easily be controlled with a remote controller as well as through the built-in volume dial and control buttons.

Equipped with Bluetooth, the Audionic speakers let you connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices, so you can easily play music from sources other than USB or AUX cable. The wireless functions on some Audioninc speakers make it very easy for music lovers to listen to music on the go. The speakers that feature the Karaoke mode include a mic so you can serenade your friends and family or have singing competitions at the next gathering. A blasting sound, detailed sound highs and easy control make these beasts the perfect entertainment source for your parties and events.