Audionic Bluetooth Speakers Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Audionic Bluetooth Speakers in Pakistan is Rs.1,095 and estimated average price is Rs.2,651.


Audionic speaker line ranges from Bluetooth, mini, portable, mobile, to public address systems, LED tv and home theatre speakers. Compare and select the best quality party rocker that gives you the auditory pleasure you have been craving for since your last speaker purchase. Check out Audionic Bluetooth speakers prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Best Buys

The good quality Bluetooth speakers by Audionic are ECCO 3, AD-6000, AD 7000, AD 7200, AD-6200 Plus but what is good for you entirely depends on your requirements and budget. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

Some models are equipped with Bluetooth and let you connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices, so you can easily play music from sources other than USB or AUX cable. The wireless functionality on some models makes it very easy for music lovers to listen to music on the go. 

Multi-Channel BlueTooth Speakers

AD-6000 is one of the popular 2.1 channel battery-operated devices by Audionic. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled device to play music. It features a dual powered AC/DC support. Another popular item is the D-6200 Plus that includes two satellite speakers for handling higher frequencies and one subwoofer for lower frequencies. You can attach it with desktop, laptop or T.V.

Portable Speakers

Audionic Bluetooth Speaker DJ-70 is amongst the good ones in this category. You can easily pair it with audio and Bluetooth devices and carry it around wherever you go. Another notable device is the MH-12 that features a portable 8” woofer. It also includes a mic and a remote for user convenience.

For Mobiles & Laptops

BlueTune BT-145 is an all-rounder and multi-purpose dock speaker that plays music while charging your smartphone or laptop via a docking station. Compatible with all smartphones and laptops, the dock charging system gives you a hassle-free experience and gives the freedom to place the device anywhere in the house. Featuring a rechargeable battery, Audionic Bluetooth Speakers are handy and easy to carry around.

Price List

Model Price
Audionic Libra Mobile Speaker Bluetooth Rechargeable Grey Rs. 1,095
Audionic BT-230 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 1,680
Audionic Akasaki Mobile Speaker Best Bluetooth Speaker Wire… Rs. 1,350
MAX-290 (2.1 BLUETOOTH SPEAKER) Rs. 3,900
Audionic MAX 350 Bluetooth 2.1 Speaker Rs. 5,498
Audionic BT-240 Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 3,480
Audionic BT-120 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 1,440
Audionic Rex 5 Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 1,999
Audionic Sugar 7 Wireless Rechargeable Bluetooth Portable S… Rs. 1,385
Audionic BT-160 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 2,160
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