Audionic Ad 7000 Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Audionic Ad 7000 in Pakistan is Rs.8,400 and estimated average price is Rs.9,200.


Audionic has a line of portable speakers that include the AD 7000. They are 2.1 channel battery operated speakers that come with multiple features. Audionic AD 7000 price in Pakistan vary from seller to seller but mostly fall in the affordable range


Though not the best sound quality in the market, given the low price point, the sound is not that bad either. Apart from AD 7000, the Audionic home theatre speakers are multi-channel devices that are the highlight of the brand. 

Audionic AD 7000 Features

The 2.1 channel configuration suggests that the speakers include a subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers. The illuminated LED display on these speakers makes the design look beautiful and also bring a lot of convenience to the users. Attaching the speakers to your TV, laptop or desktop computers will give a nice and enhanced sound quality if not the best. 


AD 7000 has AUX, USB and Micro SD slots and as well as Bluetooth connectivity options. Connect it to your Bluetooth enabled devices to enjoy uninterrupted music play. FM radio listeners can enjoy the built-in radio functionality that comes with these speakers. 

Accessories & Portability

The speakers include a mic and remote control for easy and convenient operation. You can easily shift these speakers from one place to another because of their compact design and lightweight structure. 


Frequency Response 40Hz to 20 kHz
Sub-Woofer 5 inches
Satellite 3 inches x 2
USB Port Yes
Bluetooth Yes
MicroSD Card Yes
AUX Input Yes
AC/DC Power Support Yes
Battery-Operated Yes

Price List

Model Price
Audionic AD-7000 Plus 2.1 Multimedia Speaker Rs. 8,400
Audionic 2.1 Speaker System AD-7000 Plus Rs. 10,000
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