Astonish Kitchen Cleaner Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Astonish Kitchen Cleaner in Pakistan is Rs.480 and estimated average price is Rs.559.


The Astonish Kitchen Cleaner can be sued to clean up your surfaces, making sure to get off grease and kill germs.


Astonish produces a range of products for household care, this includes the Astonish Kitchen Cleaner. A general cleaner that is used to kill germs and keep your kitchen surfaces spick and span.

The Astonish Kitchen Cleaner comes in a bottle with a spray, this allows one to apply it with ease. One can clean their stove top, cabinet doors, countertops and everything else. making sure they cut the grease and kill germs.

This product is toxic if consumed, it is to be kept out of the reach of children. Ingredients like bleach make it toxic, which is why it should also be wiped off well.

Price List

Model Price
Astonish Kitchen Cleaner, Ruby Grapefruit, Trigge… Rs. 560
Astonish Citrus Grove Kitchen Cleaner 750ml Rs. 630
Astonish Kitchen Cleaner 750ml Rs. 525
Astonish Kitchen Cleaner Spray Citrus Grove 750ml Rs. 630
Astonish Bathroom Cleaner 750ml Rs. 512
Astonish Kitchen Cleaner 750GM Rs. 579
Astonish Citrus Grove Kitchen Cleaner 750ml Rs. 480
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