Astonish Floor Cleaner Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Astonish Floor Cleaner in Pakistan is Rs.441 and estimated average price is Rs.514.


Astonish Floor Cleaner is designed to make sure your floors are coated with a protective layer so future staining is prevented. There is also a variation for wooden floors in case that is what you have in your space.


Astonish has a wide range of products for home care, this includes floor cleaners.

The Astonish Floor Cleaners come with various scents and one can also choose the specific type they are looking for. This applies more so if one has wooden floors.

With the Astonish Floor Cleaners, you get a protective layer that helps you from getting more stains in the future. Floor cleaners and other kinds of cleaners as well should be kept out of the reach of children as they would be damaging if they get in the eye or are ingested.

Price List

Model Price
Astonish Wood Floor Cleaner 1000ml Rs. 549
Astonish Floor Cleaner Citrus Burst 1000ml Rs. 459
Astonish Floor Cleaner Lavender Blossom 1000ml Rs. 535
Astonish Astonish Jasmine & Wild Berry Wood Floor… Rs. 467
Astonish Astonish Lavender Blossom Floor Cleaner … Rs. 441
Astonish Premium Wood Floor Cleaner jasmine & Wil… Rs. 520
Astonish Astonish Citrus Burst Floor Cleaner 1Ltr Rs. 462
Astonish Wood Floor Cleaner, Jasmine & Wild Berry… Rs. 475
Astonish Floor Cleaner, Lavender Blossom, 1 Liter Rs. 620
Astonish Floor Cleaner, Citrus Burst, 1 Liter Rs. 620
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