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Artificial Flowers Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Artificial Flowers in Pakistan is Rs.70 and estimated average price is Rs.1,100.


Lovingly called "Permanent Botanicals", artificial flowers enhance the beauty of any space and can be used at a variety of occasions. Though they can be kept for long, they might be more expensive than their natural counterparts. Shopsy presents to you different ways of using artificial flowers to beautify your homes, attires and events. Read on to find tips on how to clean faux flowers to ensure their longevity and to keep them germ and bacteria-free. If you are looking for buying options, check out artificial flowers prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.

Pros & Cons


  • Long-lasting

  • Look as good as natural flowers

  • Great for people with plant allergy

  • Available in a wide array of materials


  • No fragrance

  • Require maintenance

  • The real looking variety is expensive


Artificial Vs Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are loved by everyone as they bring a sense of peace, vibrancy and well being to the onlookers. The sweet floral fragrance awakens the olfactory senses and exudes tranquillity and joy. Aside from enhancing the beauty of your garden, randomly plucked flowers set in a bouquet make for the perfect indoor decorative item. They fill the air with a beautiful fragrance and give a sophisticated and lively look to the space.

Merely looking at the flower bouquet relieves stress and brings a calming sensation to the nerves. Unfortunately, they don't last for long as you would wish them to and they wither out in a day or two. Also, some people are allergic to flowers and cant inhale their fragrance as it may irritate their lungs. Artificial flowers come in handy in situations like these. 

Artificial Flower Ideas

Dating back to the 12th century, handmade flowers were a rage and find their origin in Italy. Victorian women skillfully crafted flowers out of a variety of fabrics or materials and adorned their hair, bonnets, dresses and hats with these handmade flowers. Earlier, fake flowers were commonly made out of plastic in outrageous colours that faded in sunlight and became brittle all too soon.

They didn't even look very natural as compared to the modern-day artificial flowers. These are made out of a wide variety of materials and look so real that only touching them can tell the difference. The materials used are silk, paper, metal, polyester, nylon, clay, glass, plastic etc. Artificial flowers to this day are used for a variety of occasions as well as a fashion accessory. You can choose any or all of the following ideas to use artificial flowers in the best possible way.

1. Pot Pourri

The ancient dried flower decoration is still widely used around the world. It was originally an assortment of dried flowers and plant materials which were scented and placed in a bowl or pot. Today potpourris are made out of artificial flowers as well plant materials and are made fragrant using artificial floral scents. Over time the fragrance may lighten and to make it strong again using synthetic scents can lend the potpourri a fresh and pleasant smell. However, you would need a fixative such as orris root so that the scent is absorbed for slow release. 

2. Interior Decoration

Fake flower bouquets and decorations can enhance the beauty of any living space. Be it your office, home or any other place, artificial flowers can be used in a variety of ways to beautify an area. Silk flowers bunched in a bouquet or set in a vase, assortments of artificial flowers hanged upside down from the ceiling or set out on a dinner table can greatly enhance the look and feel of the home. 

3. Flowering Balcony

Though the Venetian Balconi Fioritis (flower balconies) showcase beautiful natural flowers, you can decorate your small balconies with an assortment of fake flowers and artificial creepers. Flower decorated balconies evoke positivity and make the onlookers feel like they're taking a stroll in the fragrant streets of Trentino, Italy. 

4. Wedding Bouquet

Brides carry flower bouquets and garlands as it is believed to signify new beginnings, the hope of fertility and fidelity. Artificial flowers made out of high-quality silk fabric are the most sought after option for a wedding bouquet. They are a forever keepsake and look sophisticated as well as being easy to work with. 

5. Floral Monogram & Event Decor

Event decor or monograms of the couple's initials made out of artificial flowers can greatly uplift the mood and feel of a wedding event. Other occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and Muslim religious rituals such as Mehfil-e-Naat, Milaad, Khatam-ul-Quran etc all can be decorated with scented artificial flowers for an everlasting impact.

6. Jewelry & Hair Ornament

Pakistani weddings are all about opulence, floral decors and fragrances. Events such as Mayoon, Haldi and Mehndi call for wearing beautiful fresh flower jewellery and hair ornaments. Due to the temporary nature of fresh flower jewelry, artificial ones have now replaced the must-have wedding accessory. Hair garlands, tiaras, mang tikka, necklaces and jhumkas made out of artificial jasmine and rosebuds look stunning and enhance the beauty of the whole attire. 

7. Flower Chandelier 

Artificial flowers can be hung upside down in a cascading manner over a dining table or a centre point in the living room in place of expensive and fragile crystal chandeliers. 

8. Christmas Wreath

Preparations for Christmas begin as soon as the start of December every year. Christmas wreaths were made out of fresh flowers and berries, while today they are widely made out of artificial flowers and twigs. This ensures longevity and reusability of this otherwise expensive item. Artificial Roses, Carnations, Gypsophilia etc are commonly used for making a wreath.

Cleaning Artificial Flowers

1. Weekly dust your flowers lightly where dust commonly accumulates. 

2. For flowers made out of silk, use a cleaning spray specifically for silk flowers.

3. You can use soap and water for some artificial flower variety. 

4. Spraying a mixture of water and vinegar can help kill bacteria or germs in the fake flowers.

5. Spritz some UV resistant spray on these flowers to prevent the colour from fading.

A wide variety of artificial flower bouquets and arrangements are available at varied prices in Pakistan.  Tiema, Saimoe, Old Tree House and YYC are some of the affordable brands selling faux flowers online in the country. 

Price List

Model Price
3 feet X 6 feet artificial grass 20MM Rs. 2,700
Valentine Gift Deal With Heart Shape Box For Girl Rs. 1,645
Fly Buy-Purple Ganda Bunch Artificial Flowers Flo… Rs. 269
Artificial Flower Cart Rs. 750
Real Feel Artificial Grass - 20MM Rs. 514
Artificial Garden Plant Fence UV Protected Privac… Rs. 1,099
Supreme Quality -Charming Jewelry Store-Artificia… Rs. 279
Pack of 3 Multicolor Artificial Rose Bouquet Rs. 715
Artificial Money Plant Rs. 1,433
Artificial Plant Pots for Home Decoration- Metall… Rs. 3,299
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