Ariel Washing Powder Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Ariel Washing Powder in Pakistan is Rs.206 and estimated average price is Rs.816.


The Ariel washing powder has strong surfactants and enzymes that remove the toughest stains from clothes, bed linen and furniture upholstery. A reliable and dependable detergent powder that cleans the fabric deeply removing germs, bacteria and unwanted stains.


Safe & Healthy 

Saving you time and money, the Ariel washing powder is available in various sizes from single sachet to large packs that are easy to store in a cool dry space in the home. The strong formula will attack stains dissolving dirt, sticky liquids no matter how dried out and tough. The enzymes in the washing powder are designed to rapidly disintegrate the rough particles on the fabric leaving it brand new. 


Washing clothes by hand can be exhausting but with Ariel washing powder it becomes easier as soaking clothes for 15 to 20 minutes before washing will ensure all toxins and stains are already softened ready to be gently removed by scrubbing. The detergent powder can also be used directly into the washing machine with one scoop a whole load of clothes can be washed making it easier to use one Airel medium-sized pack for several weeks. 

Fresh & New

Ariel can restore clothes to a brand new condition ensuring all stains are removed. It also has added fragrance that ensures the clothes smell fresh and clean after washing. During the summer due to perspiration, the armhole can be stained and create an ugly stain but with Ariel washing powder you can sure that stain build-up will not happen as it removes all bacteria with just one wash. 

Price List

Model Price
Ariel Touch of Downy Detergent Washing Powder, 5… Rs. 206
Ariel Original Detergent Washing Powder, 4kg pack Rs. 1,597
Ariel Machine Expert Washing Powder Detergent, 2KG Rs. 784
Ariel Original Detergent Washing Powder, 2kg Rs. 828
Ariel Touch of Downy Detergent Washing Powder, 3… Rs. 1,210
Ariel Original Detergent Washing Powder, 3Kg Pack Rs. 1,210
Ariel Original Perfume Washing Powder, 6 KG Rs. 2,455
Ariel Washing Powder 4kg Rs. 1,703
Ariel Bio Washing Powder 22 Washes 1.43Kg Rs. 1,090
Ariel Original Detergent Washing Powder, 3Kg Pack Rs. 770
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