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The Lowest price of Apricot Scrub in Pakistan is Rs.129 and estimated average price is Rs.510.


The vitamin-rich Apricot oil infused with the face and body scrub can reduce visible wrinkles, deeply cleanse the skin and restore a natural glow. The almond inside Apricots is called kernel that is known for its rich moisturizing properties. The mixture of fruit flesh and seed created a natural exfoliant that can remove dirt, pollution and toxins from the clean leaving the skin pores clean and fresh.


Deeply Cleansing Agents

The apricot scrub is a popular product available by international beauty brands such as St Ives, Johnsons and Johnsons along with local names such as Saeed Ghani. It is an excellent exfoliating treatment that reduced skin pigmentation that looks like dark circles, dark spots and uneven complexion. It is recommended as a once a week or up to four times a week as using it daily can be harmful to the skin causing dryness and damage. Follow the directions mentioned on the product for fresh, youthful and clean skin.  

Gentle Formula 

Usually, apricot scrubs have 2% Salicylic Acid and are oil-free, paraben-free and non-comedogenic ensuring that the skin remains light and the pores are deeply cleaned. The removal of excess oils from the skin ensure that pores become smaller and less visible creating a smooth texture for the skin. Having less buildup on the skin reduces and prevents future breakouts and acne. 

Beauty Routine

Apricot scrubs can be sued by women, men and teenagers as the ingredients are natural and healing. The exfoliants present in the formula will effectively clean any dryness on the elbows and knees leaving them soft. Scrubs are great for reducing ingrown hair from the arms and legs. The face apricot scrubs leave the skin feeling fresh and smelling wonderful as the natural scent of apricots is infused into the formula. 
Ladies can use apricot scrubs to deeply cleanse their skin that endures heavy foundation, sun damage, pollution stripping the skin of its natural moisture and elasticity. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin from the face and body that stimulates new cell growth restoring a youthful glow.

Price List

Model Price
Hollywood Style Deep Cleansing Apricot Scrub 150ml Rs. 700
Apricot Scrub Rs. 380
Cute Plus White Series Whitening Apricot Sensitiv… Rs. 550
Derma Shine Gently Exfoliating Apricot Whitening … Rs. 465
YC Whitening Facial Scurb, Apricot Extract, 175ml Rs. 550
Aliya B Spa Shop Oriental Spa Apricot Face Polish… Rs. 1,000
Saeed Ghani Apricot Face & Body Scrub, All Skin T… Rs. 350
Saeed Ghani Apricot Scrub - 180gm - 8964000505021 Rs. 350
Reborn Beauty Apricot Blemish Control Scrub, 500ml Rs. 750
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