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Apple Watch Price in Pakistan

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Apple Inc. launched the Apple Watch in April 2015, in a quest to enhance the use of iPhone and to give its users a cool new feature to boast about. The watch became a hot-seller and a popular wearable device overnight. Apple classifies its smartwatches into four generations, based on their size, design, colour, technology, features etc. The first and second generations of Apple watches are no longer available as the company decided to discontinue that range. The Apple watch runs the watchOS and is capable of receiving notifications, messages, and phone calls via a paired iPhone. The watch features default apps that are capable of interacting with their iOS counterparts such as the Maps, Mail, Music, Wallet, Stocks, Reminders, Messages etc. The watch also features health-related apps that track the wearer's physical activity and sends the information to the health apps on the iPhone for analysis and record keeping.

Based on combinations of cases, bands, and exclusive watch faces, Apple further divides its watches into five "collections", such as the Apple Watch (1st gen-present) that offered only stainless steel bands, Apple Watch Sport (1st gen) came with aluminium cases and sport bands or woven nylon bands, Apple Watch Nike+ (Series 2-present) comes with aluminium cases and Nike sport bands or sport loops, Apple Watch Hermès (1st gen-present) uses stainless steel cases and Hermès leather watch bands (also included is an exclusive Hermès orange sport band), and Apple Watch Edition (1st gen-Series 3) offered ceramic cases and various bands. The 1st generation Apple Watch Edition used 18 karat yellow or rose gold.