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Apple Laptops Price in Pakistan

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One of the most elegantly designed brands, Apple. Their MAC Book series is a range of sleek laptops, even in performance and usage. With some of the best screen technology out there, the Retina IPS Display which makes things super smooth nearly to the degree of no pixelation with even text! The ability to be able to perform at good speed with multiple softwares running is crucial for better workflow. It isn't often that a MAC crashes, another reason why a lot of people making film or music prefer it to other laptops, the comfort in knowing your projects are safer in such cases means a lot!

The MAC machines are also a lot less susceptible to viruses and malware. Even the drivers on it are more stable because they can be targeted to very few devices. For a layperson, a MAC is a simple machine to use and that is a great advantage because most people want something that 'just works'. Not having to configure too much or finding it hard to figure out what is where is tedious to most users.

Backlit keyboards designed to work more quietly recently after the new under-key butterfly mechanism was reworked, giving one the ability to work without disturbing others or in lowlight. The body is built sturdy, in fact, more so than a lot of other laptops, for someone who travels and is using it for work often this is another plus. True Tone display is also an interesting feature that keeps the colour temperature in check in comparison to ambient light so the eyes are less strained.

In the MAC Book Pro Apple also introduced a Touch Bar above the keyboard with quick access to features like brightness and volume. The Touch Bar also lets you go through music and videos with your fingers instead of the mouse while other softwares are running, making your workflow more efficient. It also has a host of other customizable options as well, so one can tune it to their preference.

The MAC Book Air is a slightly more slim version with lesser processing power and a slightly less vibrant screen but also a difference in price, it is more for a casual user. For someone who has heavy tasks to run the MAC Book Pro is probably a better option out of the Apple laptop range.