Anti Lice Shampoo Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Anti Lice Shampoo in Pakistan is Rs.53 and estimated average price is Rs.178.


Anti Lice Shampoo can make removing blood-sucking head lice a simple one-step treatment for children and adults


Anti Lice Treatment

Shampoos like The English Anti Lice Shampoo not only eliminate the lice completely but also ensures the long-lasting prevention of re-infestation. There are a variety of lice that can inhabit the scalp that include grey. brown and tan coloured lice. Anti Lice Shampoo is safe to use on children as young as three years old, consult your doctor when using on babies. Headlice eggs also are known as nits look like dandruff and can be yellow, brown or white in colour. These eggs have a sticky texture and are firmly stuck to the hair. 

Adults Using Anti Lice Shampoo

These shampoos have a strong and powerful insecticide called pyrethrum extract that kills both eggs and fully grown adult lice in 5 minutes of washing the hair. The shampoo has additional moisturising agents such as Aloe Vera & Pro-Vitamin B5 conditioner that softens the adult hair that may be stripped of moisture during the treatment. These conditioning agents improve the hair texture.

Price List

Model Price
Bio Amla Anti Lice Shampoo (125ml) Rs. 53
Hemani Anti-lice Shampoo 150ml Rs. 255
Herbion- Anti Lice Shampoo, 200ml Rs. 230
Anti Lice Shampoo 150ml Rs. 275
Doctor Anti lice Shampoo 100ML Rs. 99
Doctor Anti-Lice Shampoo (With Conditioner) 100ml Rs. 100
Hiba's Collection Anti Lice 3-in-1 Shampoo, 150ml Rs. 345
English Anti Lice Shampoo Small Rs. 70
English anti lice shampoo Rs. 65
LICE GUARD Anti Lice Shampoo (Small) Rs. 68
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