Anex Insect Killer Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Anex Insect Killer in Pakistan is Rs.6,390 and estimated average price is Rs.7,381.


A convenient way to get rid of insects is to use an electronic insect killer. Anex produces some that one can look at and choose. The prices are affordable.


An Anex insect killer works with electricity. There are UV lights in the centre and they are enclosed in a cage, this cage is electrocuted. When the insect flies towards the light and comes in contact with the cage it gets zapped.

These can be used indoors as well as outdoors. There is research that suggests that they should not be used around places where one eats as once the insect is zapped that sends out germs into the air.

Anex has a few different insect killers with small variations in design and size, one can choose based on their need and budget.

The price of Anex insect killers is in an affordable range.

Price List

Model Price
ANEX AG-1086 Insect Killer (8*8) Rs. 6,925
Anex Insect Killer 8x8 (AG-1086) Rs. 6,775
Anex AG-1086 Insect Killer 8x8 With Official Warr… Rs. 6,449
Anex Insect Killer AG-3084 Rs. 6,392
Anex AG 1086 Insect Killer 8 " 8 Rs. 6,899
Anex 2*8 Watts Insect Killer AG-1086 Rs. 7,511
Anex Insect Killer 3084 Rs. 7,591
Anex AG 1088 Insect Killer 15 " 15 Rs. 8,440
Anex Insect Killer (AG-3084) Rs. 6,712
Anex AG 1087 Insect Killer 10 " 10 Rs. 7,493
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