Anex Hot Plate Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Anex Hot Plate in Pakistan is Rs.4,999 and estimated average price is Rs.7,548.


A small appliance that can add to your kitchen and dining experience, it lets you slow cook food, reheat food and also keep things warm as they are served. The Anex Hot Plate comes in two variations, one has just a single plate while another option has two plates.


Anex produces a wide range of appliances that can be used in the home and kitchen. The products include hot plates as well.

One can choose the hot plate that suits their needs, there are single ones and dual models as well. If you want to keep Anex Hot Plates in separate places you could get multiple single ones.

If you like to braise food, the Anex Hot Plates are great for such cooks. Slowly letting the food stew and build up the flavour. There are simple knobs that let you control the temperature, making it very easy to work the Anex Hot Plate.

Reheating food is also easy on these hot plates and one of the main uses is for when you are hosting guests. You can keep all your dishes on Anex Hot Plates and turn them up enough to just keep things hot as food is being served and eaten.

The designs are kept simple, with function being the defining factor. This means that you could keep your hot plates from Anex in the kitchen or even in the dining room.

Price List

Model Price
Anex Deluxe Hot Plate (AG-2165) Rs. 8,855
Anex Hot Plate Double (AG-2062) Rs. 7,820
Anex Hot Plate Double (AG-2062) Rs. 7,970
Anex Deluxe Hot Plate (AG-2065) Rs. 4,999
Anex AG-2062 Hot Plate Double Rs. 8,834
Anex AG 2061 Hot Plate Single Rs. 5,335
Anex AG-2062 – Deluxe Hot Plate Double – Black Rs. 8,413
Anex AG 2062 Hot Plate Double Rs. 7,720
Anex Hot Plate Double AG 2062 Rs. 6,999
Anex AG-2061 Hot Plate Single (1500W) Rs. 8,031
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