Anex Food Processor Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Anex Food Processor in Pakistan is Rs.6,250 and estimated average price is Rs.13,117.


Anex is the subsidiary of Kashif Electronics and was launched in 1999. With over 200 home and kitchen appliances available online in Pakistan, its food processors are one of the most sought out products of the brand. Check out Anex food processor prices in Pakistan on this page and read on to more about the product.


Food processor by Anex does all the grinding, mixing, chopping, slicing, blending tasks easily and in no time. This way you can save valuable time and use a processor for appetizing and attractive presentation of food. 

Basic Components

Basic components of Anex food processor include a motor, bowl, lid, feed compartment and attachments. These are full-sized heavy machinery with bigger and more powerful motors. The heaviest part of the Anex food factory is the base as that’s the place where its motor resides. The weight has a utilitarian value as the heavier the base, the more the appliance will have stability and won't move around while the motor is running.


Though there is a standard set of attachments with Anex food factory but to make your equipment more versatile, you can buy additional attachments such as a dough blade, egg whip, julienne disc, French fry disc, citrus juicer, non-citrus juicer etc.

Safety Lock & Rubber Feet

The Anex food processor models feature a safety lock that prevents the machine from turning on if the lid or jug is not set in place. This feature prevents accidental spills and wastage of processed food by automatically locking the equipment if the lid is not securely closed. For added stability, the Anex processor comes with rubber feet. They prevent the machine from moving across the kitchen counter during hi-speed food processing.

Price List

Model Price
Anex AG 3041 Food Processor Grinder Rs. 6,250
Anex AG-3051 Food Processor Rs. 9,899
Anex AG-2150EX Silver Food Processor Kitchen Robot Rs. 10,860
Anex Food Processor AG-2150 – 450 watts Rs. 11,330
Anex AG-3150 Food Processor Rs. 14,272
Anex Deluxe Food Processor (AG-3156) Rs. 17,914
Anex AG-3150 Food Processor Rs. 11,960
Anex AG-1041 – Food Processor – White Rs. 12,826
Anex Food Processor 4-in-1 (AG-174) Rs. 9,445
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