Anex Deluxe Hot Plate Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Anex Deluxe Hot Plate in Pakistan is Rs.4,999 and estimated average price is Rs.8,554.


Adding to your kitchen, the Anex Deluxe Hot Plate lets you cook, slow cook, reheat and also keep food warm. This makes it a versatile appliance and the design lets you keep it in the dining room even.


With an Anex Deluxe Hot Plate, you can get one that has a single plate, while another that has dual plates.

These hot plates are essentially electronic stoves but the design is different. A more sleek look lets you use this outside the kitchen even. You could use the Anex Deluxe Hot Plates for cooking or slow cooking, making sure you get all the ingredients in a broth and they release the juices.

If you need to reheat food that is also possible and if you want to keep food warm as you serve it to guests the Anex Deluxe Hot Plates are also very useful for that.

There are simple knobs for setting the level of heat.

Price List

Model Price
Anex Deluxe Hot Plate (AG-2166-Ex) Rs. 9,440
Anex Deluxe Hot Plate (AG-2165-Ex) Rs. 9,090
Anex Deluxe Hot Plate (AG-2165) Rs. 9,290
Anex Deluxe Hot Plate Single – AG-2061 – Black Rs. 7,277
Anex AG-2166 Deluxe Cooking Hot Plate With Offici… Rs. 9,199
Anex Deluxe Hot Plate (AG-2065) Rs. 4,999
Anex AG-2065 – Deluxe Hot Plate – Red & Silver Rs. 6,637
Anex AG-2166 Deluxe Hot Plate Rs. 9,537
Anex AG-2165 Deluxe Cooking Hot Plate With Offici… Rs. 8,899
Anex Deluxe Hot Plate AG-2165 Rs. 8,873
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