Android Tv Box Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Android Tv Box in Pakistan is Rs.3,300 and estimated average price is Rs.5,818.


A quick way to convert your TV into a Smart TV. Also a lot cheaper than buying a new SMart TV, Android TV boxes are relatively low-cost upgrades. The Android platform allows you to install apps like Netflix and Hulu, or games, from the Google Play Store. Available in many variations of design, size and performance from a lot of different brands at just as many varied prices.


What is an Android TV box

An open-source software Android is used by many devices to power their platforms. Android-powered TV boxes are small media centres that allow you to play games and watch movies or shows on your TV.  Essentially converting any TV into a Smart TV, one could also use them to surf the web directly on the TV.

Apps can be installed from the Google Play Store similar to a smartphone. The boxes are available in many different sizes and shapes, each brand has a unique design and possibly a variation of colours as well. The functionality provided by Android TV boxes is similar to what the Google Chromecast range does.

Connectivity and ports

Android TV boxes connect to the TV via an HDMI cable so the image quality is HD. For the internet, they have the option of an ethernet cable or WiFi. Ethernet works better for streaming as the signal is uninterrupted, or if one has a good WiFi connection then that works fine as well. Android TV boxes also have space for SD cards and USBs so you can connect a hard-drive or insert a memory card to play files from. The more expensive ones do come with built-in space, but if you do not want to spend major money you can use any external drive you may already have.


These TV boxes are a convenient and cost-effective way to turn your regular TV into a Smart TV. You can check out reviews and videos on YouTube to see which box you want to purchase. The software has a bit of a learning curve but users who have already used Android-based systems may find it easier to pick up.

The more known and commonly available Android TV boxes are produced by Xiaomi, M.Way, Nexbox and Mecool. The sizes and designs vary depending on brand and model, with the price points generally around the mid to lower-end range.

Price List

Model Price
Computer Street X96 Mini 4K Andriod TV Box Rs. 3,300
Cool Boy Mart T95H 6K Ultra HD 4GB 64GB Android 10.0 TV Box Rs. 5,000
iLEPO 4K 1GB 8GB Smart Android TV Box - Black Rs. 5,400
Cool Boy Mart AirMouse Keyboard With X96 Mini 4K Andriod TV… Rs. 6,500
Cool Boy Mart T9 4K 3D Ultra HD 4GB 32GB Android 8.1 TV Box… Rs. 5,500
Versatile Engineering T95H 6K Ultra HD 4GB 64GB Android 10.… Rs. 5,299
Cool Boy Mart X96 Mini 4K Andriod TV Box Rs. 4,500
IPEGA PG-9023S Wireless Gamepad Game Controller For iOS And… Rs. 4,899
Computer Street H96 MAX 4K Andriod TV Box Rs. 6,200
Muzamil Store HK1 4K 2GB 16GB Android TV Box Rs. 5,499
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