Amd Ryzen Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Amd Ryzen in Pakistan is Rs.17,999 and estimated average price is Rs.151,022.


AMD has a line of processors under the Ryzen label. Built to be high performing devices these processors are generally from a high-end price point too.


In the processor market, AMD is one of the two leading brands. Their products are high quality and are used by many of the known laptop and PC brands.

Ryzen by AMD

Based on the Zen architecture and some of its successors, Ryzen by AMD is a brand of x86-64 microprocessors. These are the central processing units for the mainstream consumer market. This new design from AMD was crucial as it finally helped them return to the top, competing with Intel; who had the winning processors for a decade.

The initial Ryzen processors were built using the 14nm method, the latest are based on the 7nm method. This is over the course of a few years, AMD plans on improving on them perpetually. The newer versions have more current porting options and the ability to support more memory.

AMD started putting out the first generation of Ryzen products in 2019, built on the gen-2 Zen+ architecture.


AMD Ryzen processors are costly devices. The price range is at the top end, along with quality and performance.

Price List

Model Price
Asus Prime A520M-A AMD A520 Ryzen AM4 micro ATX Motherboard Rs. 17,999
Asus Tuf Gaming A520M-Plus AMD A520 Ryzen AM4 micro ATX Mot… Rs. 19,199
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X Desktop Processors Rs. 149,999
HP 255 G7 AMD Ryzen 8GB 1TB 15.6 Rs. 85,000
HP 15 DB1200NY AMD Ryzen 8GB 1TB 15.6 Rs. 89,500
Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 - AMD Ryzen 7 5800H OctaCore Proces… Rs. 169,900
Asus TUF B550M-PLUS AMD B550 (Ryzen AM4) Micro ATX Gaming M… Rs. 36,299
Asus PRIME B550M-A AMD B550 Ryzen AM4 micro ATX Motherboard Rs. 25,899
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor Rs. 27,899
Asus Prime A520M-A II AMD A520 Ryzen AM4 micro ATX Motherbo… Rs. 20,999
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